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    3 legged fun boy 
      3.5 yrs, 65 pounds

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Common sense
        If YOU don't like it done to you
        DON'T do it to anyone else
        if human or animal​​​
        how much simpler can it get​

Paco is a cute little friendly boy
8 pounds, 2 years

supersweet, 2 yrs, 55 pounds
        very loving girl looking for extra love and a fun home​​ as a companion older kids fine
loves everyone​

Has Lab/Golden temperament

Jaxson 1.5-2 yrs, 14 pounds,
quiet companion​

Beautiful Mellie inside and out of best temperament,
​2 years, 60 pounds
yep a staffie​​
you won't find a better one​
Ready first week of March

Kora sweety 11 months 55 pounds
super sweet adult companion​

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Jake the cutest small family dog or companion
Jack Russel/Cairn
5-6 yrs​, about 15 pounds
not hyper​

Simba German Shepherd/Great DANE
​ 4 years, 100 pounds, 30 in tall

Guys dog


wants a mommie, quiet, shy
loving, loyal, mellow
Border Collie/Whippet, 35 pounds​​

Mia big beauty looking for a furry playmate
85 pounds plus, 2 years​
Maximus 10 month old purebred Rat Terrier

Chica 10 month old Mastiff/Ridgeback/Boxer/mix
75 pounds​
a country gal
​Sabaka 16 weeks , of best temperament a great great family pup
LOVES everyone no hang ups​

Rokkie country companion
$75 to right matching new mom for month of FEB only​
lost his mom so very sad now​
BoBo fun cutie, 17 pounds looking for fun family nice  kids over 6 yrs be fine
no aggression issues​ no hang ups
see clipped clean Bobo on left
Smokey, Poodle/Bichon/Scottie mix 2 yrs, 22 pounds
mellow but playful easy boy​
Info up soon
Callie, 6 months, 25 pounds to breed experienced adult home
LOVES all people great therapy dog potential​​