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​Tonka Lab/Boxer/Heeler tad of Pug

      ​​ loves to snuggle, loves toys, loves life
       plays ball, a great little guy short tail fluffy coat​
      family dog​
video link below​

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Jacob, purebred 40 tall pounds, little over a yr old
         country boy, supersmart 
        good with all dogs​ looking for playmates​

Max, 3 legged fun boy 
      3 yrs, 65 pounds
looking for Hermit in country setting for fun times and 
click link below for his xmas video​​​

Jennie Belle 16 month old Kelpie/Heeler/Rat Terrier
​ looking for country home with another dog or two
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Common sense
        If YOU don't like it done to you
        DON'T do it to anyone else
        if human or animal​​​
        how much simpler can it get​

Corey is a cute little friendly boy
Italian Greyhound/Chi
long legs
 Super Super friendly great to become a Therapy dog
      now 8 pounds fully grown​​​​

​Bambie supersweet, 2 yrs, 55 pounds
        very loving girl looking for extra love and a fun home​​ as a companion
loves everyone​​​

Jaxson 1.5-2 yrs, 14 pounds, mellow easy loving Jack Russle mix
    adult home as companion​
    great snuggle lap dog​
click link for video​
Beautiful Mellie inside and out of best temperament​​
Nacho little Chihuahua boy 8 pounds, cute as can be
    1-2 years, loves loves belly rubs
    smiley boy loves life​​
Beautiful Lola, about 2-3 yrs, 50 pounds, Staffordshire/English Bulldog
      ​ loves loves people
see my snow video​​

​Kora sweety 9 months 50 pounds
    looking for stable family and playmate​
    Corgie mix about 35 fluffy pounds​​
    looking for a fun country home
    loves to walk​​
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Wirehair/Jack Russel
Jake 5-6 yrs, 15 pounds, walking buddy
super companion or family dog​​

7 cute Puppies
    ​Click on Maddelyn to get to the pups site

Tawny 6 month old Chihuahua girl
    looking for adult home

Simba URGENT needs foster asap
My Daddy died​
Simba GS/GRT DANE 3-4 years, 100 pounds, 30 in tall
    URGENT needs foster now 
my dad died​
click on link for video​​
small dogs, med and large​
Without Sweet Indiana giving her life
for​ Mellie as Indy was
 accidentally killed in the shelter after we told them to put a hold on her that we were taking her in​
she was so sweet and full of love and live​