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Moose easy gentle loving,
very good non aggressive,fun, mellow
2.5 yrs, 65 pounds
Bulldog/Staffie/Lab see DNA test​

much smaller w narrower face in real life
NOT a Pit​
Tonka loves to explore and snuggle
 plays ball, a great little guy
40 pounds, Lab/Pug​/Boxer 4 yrs

Buddy wonderful easy fun boy, mellow but playful
Lab BC mix 35-40 pounds, big personality
good with dogs older nice kids, great companion
lover, snuggler, water dog

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​Gentle Giant Dakoda super friendly boy,
​ loves to swim and greet all people, looking for girlfriend 
Lab/Great Pyranese, 2.5-3 yrs, 85-90+pounds

Rayne Loyal loving gal looking for love
Border Collie/Hound
Tri color, country dog​​

Jacob, purebred 40 tall pounds, agility dog,
 country boy, supersmart ranch dog

Tito super loving friendly Bull Boxer/Lab 4.5 yrs about 65 pounds, fully trained super dog
lived w family and child, swims, great fam dog

Max, 3 legged fun boy for country living
3 yrs, 65 pounds, adult country home

Jennie Belle 12 month old Rat Terrier/Heeler looking for fun active home kids over 12 yrs, another dog
very smart, 25 pounds
loves other dogs

Beautiful Mia
shy but very loyal fun and loving
Lab/Great Dane
1.5 yrs, 85 pounds

Peanut great companion for young retired couple
purebred sweet boy
6-7 yrs, 30 pounds, easy loving boy​
Tallie cutest pup, 8 months, 55 pounds
active and fun, loving
NOT hyper, super girl​
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Common sense
If YOU don't like it done to you
DON'T do it to anyone else
if human or animal​​​
how much simpler can it get​

Sunshine 11 pounds, great people dog
Rat Terrier 4 yrs​
great with all other friendly dogs
loves loves people, older nice kids ok
no aggression issues​

Haley, Havanese/Poodle
she's now shaved in foster
14 pounds, 1-2 yrs old, looking for quiet adult home
other dogs fine
 prefer her size or smaller
Rokkie, sweet gentle companion, mellow easy
womans best buddy
4 years, 35 short sturdy pounds​
Corgi mix​
Corey is a cute little friendly boy
Italian Greyhound/Chi
long legs
 Super Super friendly
ready end of AUG healing from severe mange
pic on left arriving at a pound, other pics severe mange​
from stress 3 months in pound
needs one on one foster ASAP​​
not a nipper​, yipper, biter

Pete is a Poodle/Bichon
he's a young 1 yr old, 14 pound happy boy
good with all dogs of all sizes but loves the girls
Great temperament, easy dog
very loving boy​
not a yipper or nipper​
See Stoger pup and Sammie pup at link below
see bio, pics, videos​
Rascal great companion, 45 pounds, 6 years, fully trained, 3 ball dog
his legs are like a Basset that's what he is a Basset Vendeen​
they are NOT deformed​
​Hunny, 1 yr Papillion/Kings Charles mix, 8 pounds
quiet loving girl​
not a yipper or nipper
ready for a lap

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Cuddly Princess Penny
4 yrs, 8 pounds easy mellow good with all dogs and people

Sandy sweet  pup outgoing fun, 9 months, 10 pounds
great kids dog family pup
loves water​​

Little Cookie cutest Yorkie/Terrier, 7 months old
mellowisch, sweet quiet lap dog
Shasta velcro dog looking for mommie
more info soon
BC/Aussie, 2 yrs, 45 pounds​​
Sad 8 pound Breanna her mommie gone forever needs lots of love
Jake blue eyed purebred bred Husky
4 yrs, 65 pounds only to breed experienced home owner​
sweet loving boy​

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