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We are not accepting any new dogs at this time
we have a full Sanctuary family home style for the dogs that
did not find their forever home for varies reasons
The dogs you see here are staying in our Sanctuary and are not available for adoption
Mikey is now 11 years old and we are treating him naturally for bone cancer of the skull
you are welcome to donate any amount through our paypal to help buy all the Vitamines and herbs that he's on which are about 35-40 different ones daily
as well as his food which he will only eat Gizzards and some cheese so we keep buying him lots of that so he won't loose weight
So far he seems to be responding very well but it's only been about 3 weeks since diagnoses at VCA Asher in Redding California
He's not in pain and enjoys playing with his ball
Charlie is 8 years old he is staying here for good his previous owners failed him and he was almost killed so we rescued him for the second time
The first time as a baby pup was adopted at 8 weeks old well cared for but
not mentally nor enough exercise for this active breed
thay is about how far were going on his story
he's a awesome dog
Charles or Brownie as we call him loves to run and be active he came to us with a slight limp that turned out to be a small ACL tear and with all the ball playing and running he loves to do we are looking to get him a Brace as soon as we have the 1000.00 together to get him one
Since Archer needs one as well were paying out of pocket for all their care and Archers brace so another 1000 for another brace will have to wait unless were getting donations
we are only looking to the the POSH brace after research is the best bet
Archer will be 6 years old weighs about 120 pounds
Came to us as a a wild young pup again his previous owners failed him but the hubby cared enough to find a rescue and not immediately dump him in a pound at only 3 to 4 months old he hadn't learned anything but to get his will and bark and whine all day if he didn't get what he wanted
he did not find the rig experienced family so he stayed here with us
Archer needs a ACL brace custom made which we will pay for out of pocket as we do for everything else but the pockets are not as deep as we need them to be
He's also on special herbs and diet not just to heal and for joints but he has a huge lump fatty lump that could turn into cancer so we are starting him on grass fed beef certain vitamins and herbs to hopefully keep that tumor from growing and turning
any donations to help are always welcome and needed
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Ruby 4 years old found in the forest at under a year old shes here to stay because she chose this place and is happy and wants to be here so we could not let her go plus her breed made her less adoptable because many folks are not educated about this super loving breed so most Bullies never get adopted or stay for years sad fact hopefully that will change again someday to the better
She's a wonderful girl who we call our Queen because she's the only female of the dogs here now as many have past over the past 22 years of rescue we lost 14 most got to be old each enjoying the best life possible
We only always kept the ones noone wanted or the right family could not be found so we loved them and cared for each as we always do
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Mahigan 7 years old kept him as a puppy because the right folks did not apply which was good because hes a shy and skittish dog and dogs like that need very experienced owners
Hes a super dog we love him a lot
We did fix his ACL year with a brace when he was only a year old
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