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Rehoming Service
​​ 501 (3) non profit​
Country boy at heart
great loyal companion​
for true dog lovers​, we love him a lot
Save A Dog Today is currently not taking in any new animals however we are a very experienced Rehoming Service for folks that truly want the best lifelong stable matching family for the dog they love and can no longer keep
We won't judge you​ but help you in any way possible to re-home your dog to a better situation
The adoption fee we get from the rehoming goes either into our dogs our large Vet bill or helping a low income family getting their dog fixed​
If you are interested in our free service please go to our rehoming link and read
You are welcome to text or email us with any questions​​
Rokkie would LOVE a down to earth person to bond with

 Hank trained, medium energy
easy, loving, happy boy as companion 
your side kick​

your side kick
companion​​, trained
​easy to love 

Justin family dog
2 years, German Shepherd/Border Collie mix​
Justin, German Shepherd/Border Collie
Miss Piggy, fun Chihuahua
blanket hog​
fir a fun family
and for laps​

Ginger, 2.5 years old, your rare red nose
companion sidekick country dog​
Betty Boop
young friendly and fun

located in bay area
transport to SAC or Redding for approved matching adopter can be arranged
apply at

Piggy (Little Miss Piggy) is one heck of an entertainment center.  She has a lot of energy and loves to run around.  She loves people, loves to be held and cuddled and can happily play with kids (if any at home must be over 12 years and know how to respect animals
  She also likes to kiss kiss kiss people, so you must like dog kisses
She is used to going under a blanket when it’s time to go to sleep
When she needs to go to do her business, she will go to the door but if she can’t go outside she will do it by the door so putting a piddle pad there ideal

Little Miss Piggy is so named for her entree as she entered the stage of our rescue from a high kill facility in the central valley. she is quite the show personality, and very human oriented, eager to have your attention.
A tiny dog with a big personality, Piggy is affectionate, loyal and sweet.  She walks well with a harness and will also follow her human around the house or yard.  In a home environment, she gets along well with other animals (cats and dogs) and gentle, respectful children. She is used to cuddling up with other small dogs, and living with nonreactive, mellow large dogs.
Piggy appears underweight,  however comes with vet records proving extensive tests showing proper digestion. she does not like to be lifted up suddenly or roughly, possible result of slight degeneration in vertebra, common in chi"s , also x-rayed and tested extensively by vet. Piggy does best when someone sits with her while she eats and several feedings throughout the day  of wet food, meat with vegetables  works best; she just cannot handle so much at one time. She will nibble a bit throughout the day on her own, if food is left out for her. Her energy level is great, like a little wind-up doll and that tail just wont stop wagging when you approach. She will also relax on your lap, nap in a sunny spot, or her favorite: create her den in the covers of your bed. there is nothing quite like being greeted by the kiss of a tiny tongue as you stir in the morning with an enthusiastically  wagging tail on the other end:) She is house trained if let out regularly, esp after meals:) She will run up to large dogs yapping as many small dogs do, and needs to be kept safe from dogs who may see her as prey; therefore, small dog experience in her new, loving forever home is great.
Little Miss Piggy will provide high entertainment for many more years to a person or family who will give her companionship and a comfy home situation.
she loves her walks on and off leash
please be breed experienced and super loving
of another dog at home must be small mellower and friendly
she's much cuter then those pics
you must be over the age of 28 years
yard not a must but if you have one fence must be secure for such a tiny dog

Miss Piggy big happy personality
Toby mellow looking for a home together if possible they are bonded​
 5 pounds,1 year
not a yipper
long coat​
tiny 5 pounds,1 year
very sweet boy​
Betty Boop soooo cute
Little Piggy and her buddy Toby at the beach
located in Bay Area
approved adopter picks up there or
possibly can be transported as far as SAC or Redding for a awesome approved matching super family

please see adoption process at

Betty Boop is fully vetted and a fun gal that loves doing stuff
a active and friendly gal

She is currently fostered with another female bully and both get along well however we will not adopt any of our bullies to anyone that already has a bully with the same gender

If any dogs at home a nice male and not alpha best or as only dog
if you have a nice fun non bullie female dog her size and energy that's ok too

kids over 10 years would be fun for her to run with
sleep with
be best buddies

Betty Boop is a nice dog a clown and a kisser and snuggler
loves lots of attention and love as we know the breed needs and loves

she's looking for loving and a stable home
prefer home owners over the age of 28 years

a active fun outdoorsy type family that has time for her
looking for breed experienced folks that adore this breed

Betty is about 2 year old and maybe 50 pounds with a with a lean build
beautiful white coat with tannish brown markings and amber eyes

adoption fee, references, fenced yard, pics of home

Ginger beauty
located in Bay Area
approved adopter picks up there or possibly can be transported as far as SAC or Redding but only for a awesome approved matching super family

please see adoption process at

Ginger is fully vetted and a rare beauty as it seems the Red nose are not out there much but everyone is into the blue so here she is if you are a red nose bully lover, know and love the breed
we do not think she's pure as she's taller and does not have the full bullie personality that says love me love me love me
but she surely will want that as we doubt she had a lot of love in her life but willing to find out more about it
she is a beauty inside and out looking for a super adult home

She is currently fostered with another female bullie and both get along well however we will not adopt any of our bullies to anyone that already has a bully with the same gender
real bully folks know why
If you do not please do your research
If any dogs at home a male nice and not alpha best or as only dog fine older kids be super if they are well raised showing respect to animals
your country ranch side kick

prefer home owners over the age of 28 years outskirts of town that want a sidekick
someone they can love and spoil and she in return will love and protect you

looking for breed experienced folks
Ginger is about 2-3 year old and maybe 60 pounds

adoption fee, references, fenced yard, pics of home

Scooby, 9 months, 85 pounds, 25 inches tall a happy boy and great protector could be trained as a police dog or have a job patrolling your fenced acres
​ besides being your side kick
Scooby big pup
great guys dog
Lil Bit, 7 pounds
outgoing Chihuahua ever
what a well socialized funny boy

great with kids, cats and small dogs
great in car and in public​​​
Lil Bit boy Chihuahua about 7 pounds
for a fun family​
Toby, cute tan little boy about 10 pounds
around 4 years old, easy and mellow
Piggys best friend​​
Scooby in river having fun
Adopt Butters girl 9 years old, 10 pounds
help her walk again
she's paralized in her hind legs​​ needs wheelchair and rehab now
Wheelchair on way needs home and rehab​ now
Butter needs a financially stable home where she can rehab and walk again
Butters still lives with her owner
once we get the app and info you will be able to speak directly to the carewtaker​​
Butter was hit by a car a month ago
she most likely could walk again if the right rebab can happen for her asap​​
Butters is 9 years old weighs 11 pounds
spayed and UTD on shots
she's mellow and sweet
she really wants to walk again
even if it's a tiny light weight wheel chair specially made for a dog her size so she can rehab and gain strength
if you like to donate one or the cost for one please contact us
text or leave a message please
we are trying to help her but need your help to do so​​​​​​​​​
Lou URGENT needs home asap
English Bulldog, 6 years,​ as only pet
to right screened adopter​
Cute Lou needs a super home within a week, owner moving, small adoption fee to approved family as only pet at home
must have breed experience​