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    3 legged fun boy 
      3.5 yrs, 65 pounds
SPECIAL NEEDS​, somebody save me please
I'm really really really a loving loyal buddy
waiting for 2 years now to be found
Please adopt me​​
Common sense

        If YOU don't like it done to you
        DON'T do it to anyone else
        if human or animal​​​

Look into his eyes
All you see is pure love​, reach into Pacos little soul
His scars are only external​
has a beautiful soul and kind heart​

Special needs​ but don't tell him he does not know
only 8 pounds with a huge heart​

​​Beautiful Mellie
At your Service to give LOVE LOVE LOVE
Mellie is happy to be anything you want her to be
Except homeless​​
​Come and get me


Rokkie loves you just the way you are,
Can you love him just the way he is?
Rokkie wants a new mom he's a lonely boy​

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​Max loves you already
​ and he hasn't even met you yet

 Jake, click on my picture to see more of me
Beek a Boo
Where are YOU​
Love to be your best buddy and companion
I may look scary to some but I am really a huge teddy bear that's what everyone says that meets me
I'm a very handsome 85 brindle with white Bullie, I love everyone and pretty mellow
can you share your couch and home with me?​​
I'm not a SADT dog​ but SADT can help you to get to my rescuer,
my name is Big Taco Bear
If you are like me and like to be a country hermit have a huge heart and soul tons of love
than please don't wait
call now​​ my name is Robin
I would love to sit on the couch with you
NI'm not a SADT dog​​ but please contact them
Please call on me Jaxson is my name but call me whatever you like in a loving way, I'm looking for a new mommie I can love
please be my forever angel 

I'm Teddy cause I'm so cute
I'm blind in one eye, born with a eye zyst, Vet said nothing can be done
my beauty is on the inside
where is yours?​​​
NOT a SADT dog​
but click my pic​

click me to get more info
my name is Duke​​
I love everyone​
Benjamine Franklin is my name cause I have a huge heart and gentle soul
Take me into your heart, home and life​.
How to help our rescue dogs
visit our site

Annie pup
Bella pup
Chester pup
Little Man ready Aug 7th sooner to super right person
Bear pup
Pups will not be ready until mid AUG
to adult homes that are home
dog experienced with shy pups​​