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Rehoming Service
​​ 501 (3) non profit​
Country boy at heart
Save A Dog Today is currently not taking in any new animals however we are a very experienced Rehoming Service for folks that truly want the best lifelong stable matching family for the dog they love and can no longer keep
We won't judge you​ but help you in any way possible to re-home your dog to a better situation
The adoption fee we get from the rehoming goes either into our dogs our large Vet bill or helping a low income family getting their dog fixed​
If you are interested in our free service please go to our rehoming link and read
You are welcome to text or email us with any questions​​
Tux girl
looking for local family
low to medium energy​

Rocket Man
country boy
Cowboy Hank trained, medium energy
Heeler/Cattledog/Aussie mix

Hank companion dog
medium energy​

Arrow 1.3 yr old male
fun and smart​

​Arrow boy
super smart​ handsome

​​Star ready for you
wonderful country gal​
Houdini girl
smart as a whip​
fun smart agility dog?​

Houdini girl 1.3 year

Star, 1.3 year, Lab/Shepherd

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Tux old soul mellow sweet
fun and smart
great agility pup?
Scooby smarted pup
Shepherd mix​