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“Meet Miss Piggy and Toby – Bonded Pair Looking for Forever Home”
Have you heard the saying “Two is better than One!” or “Two is more Fun than One!” – well Miss Piggy and Toby hope you agree because they are looking for that special home who will adopt them together!

Miss Piggy and Toby are very attached to each other, are a bonded pair and therefore will need to be adopted together.
Also they love being with humans who can give them attention and spend time with them, so would prefer to be in a home with someone who is home a lot and/or can take them along during daily activities.

Piggy and Toby each have their own unique personalities.
Read more about them in their Bios below.
More info on Miss Piggy and Toby:
Miss Piggy
Little Miss Piggy (“Moi?”) is so named for her entree as she entered the stage of our rescue from a high kiIll facility in the central valley.
She is quite the show-personality, and very human oriented, eager to have your attention. She is an approx 7 year old chihuahua mix, a “chi terrier”, approx 1/4 inch fur, longer than a chi, and is approx 7 lbs. 
 A tiny dog with a big personality, Piggy is affectionate, loyal and sweet.  She walks well with a harness and will also follow her human around the house or yard.  In a home environment, she gets along well with other animals (cats and dogs) and gentle, respectful children. She is used to cuddling up with other small dogs, and living with nonreactive, mellow large dogs.
She does not like to be lifted up suddenly or roughly, possible result of slight degeneration in vertebra, common in chi”s , also x-rayed and tested extensively by vet. Piggy does best when someone sits with her while she eats and several feedings throughout the day  of wet food, meat with vegetables  works best; she just cannot handle so much at one time. She will nibble a bit throughout the day on her own, if food is left out for her.
 Her energy level is great, like a little wind-up doll and that tail just wont stop wagging when you approach. She will also relax on your lap, nap in a sunny spot, or her favorite: create her den in the covers of your bed. there is nothing quite like being greeted by the kiss of a tiny tongue as you stir in the morning with an enthusiastically  wagging tail on the other end:) She is house trained if let out regularly, esp after meals:) playpen doesn’t work too well, she is an escape artist:) large wire crate in family room works, but smaller plastic crates dont go over well with her.
She will run up to large dogs yapping as many small dogs do, and needs to be kept safe from dogs who may see her as prey; therefore, small dog experience in her new, loving forever home is great.
Little Miss Piggy will provide high entertainment for many more years to a person or family who will give her companionship and a comfy home situation.
Toby info:
Toby is a sweet, gentle, mellow fellow looking for a home that has a girlfriend around his size to play with. He likes to be cuddled and, once in a while, will let you know that he wants some loving. He likes to go on walks and is very good on leash but will let you know if he thinks your feet are too close for comfort. If he hears you call his name he will come quickly. Toby will protect his territory by barking loudly, though he won’t bite. He likes to sleep under a blanket because he has very short hair and gets cold. Toby will do his business outside as long as he has a way out, especially early in the morning.
Please contact us ASAP at: pets.katrina@gmail

Miss Piggy big happy personality
Toby mellow
looking for a home together they are bonded​
Little Piggy and her buddy Toby at the beach
Toby, cute tan little boy about 10 pounds
Piggy 5 pounds
give or take some​
Skye handsome sweet boy,Husky/Shepherd mix, 4-5 years, 69 tall pounds
​ great fun companion
loves water and hikes
Archer, almost 2 years old, 120 pounds
Black Mouth Cure/German Shepherd
as a mountain dog/companion​
please read full bio​ then apply
 Mickey a total lover
trained, med. energy, easy, read about him
check out his new videos
Zoey, shy 11 month old, 30 pound Whippet/Sharpei mix
Zoey Puppy
Pick up Redding CA
please read adoption process at

SADT will screen for matching applicant, approved applicant will do adoption directly with Zoeys owner
There's $100 adoption fee you will donate to SADT if you take this sweet doll home

Zoey will be a year old in JAN she's still a puppy, weighs about 30 taller slim pounds
Once COMFY with her new super loving owner and her new home she will be her funny self make you laugh and love you
She knows commands and even shakes, she will jump up if you let her on command,
She loads up in the car easily once bonded, walks pretty good on leash was raised with kids and loves the 10 year old boy but skittish with any new kids (any new people) that come to the home so looking for a not very social type home unless you have the knowledge time and patience to teach her to become more social using a qualified trainer unless you dome it before
Shy/Skittish dogs bond much deeper if you like to be needed and love such a bond and you are a good leader Zoey may be for you
You will get all the detailed info from her owner that knows her since she was a pup and was adopted from another rescue by her for her son

You MUST be shy dog experienced have a quiet but semi active lifestyle and be a stable homeowner that is home during the day, an all women household is ideal as Zoey shy away from men and if cornered will nip to save herself we do not want her or any dog put in such situation ever, so your common sense and dog experience will prevent that

Looking for young retired or middle aged women that work from home or are retired that live a calm peaceful life
must have a secure fenced yard and prefer another older dog that Zoey can play with and learn from or at least companionship
She lives with a 5 year old female dog and they have gotten along great but that dog is now pregnant so hormonal and they don't get along at this time which is very normal
If you have an outgoing dog that's friendly and well socialized and ready for a playmate to share their lives together please apply

If you are a couple of each gender that will work as well if the man in the home is a true dog whisperer has the time and patience to get Zoey to bond with him
Over time she has began to like the owners boyfriend so this could be doable it all depends on you
We are doing this rehoming service for free to help Zoey get her forever home and not end up in the wrong hands

As for the missing fur you see on her body that is how the Sharpei breed sheds there's nothing wrong with her
but you will want to feed quality food and give fishoil in her food daily to help her coat become and stay thicker

Zoey is spayed and UTD on DHPPL shots with a Rabies shot due in JAN
40 smith
alex glow