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Save A Dog Today is currently not taking in any new animals
we are a Sanctuary to our remaining rescue dogs until they find the right home or until their natural death
Over the past 21 years of free service we gave to our community we saved and adopted out to awesome families thousands of dogs
Thank you to all our great adopters that love and care for the dogs that needed a 2nd chance
We are in contact with many of you others are too busy or chose to be private
however we know we have always chosen the best home for each of our rescue dogs

we have kept about 20 dogs total over the years and took them on as our own because they had some "issues" where in some opinion they did not fit in
(not our opinion)
or their owner failed them in one way or another
so we kept our sweet so called un adoptable dogs until their natural death
they where loved and super well cared for in our home pampered and well loved

We rehabilitated the ones that needed it so they would fit into the "norm"
Some training and lots of love along with enforced rules and boundaries

Charley Brown
 Charley Brown has DNA TEST
There he is in all his glory
dirt mouth having ball fun
only as a country dog to adult home only pet
Cairn Terrier, Newfoundland, Bulldog
Please apply and read our step by step adoption process if you are serious and have read the dogs bio
we will only get back to serious folks as our time is limited and spread thin

PLEASE read full bio on interested dog