About us and our Mission

Save A Dog Today
Rehoming Service​

We started SADT rescue in 2001 and have found about 10,000 great homes for the dogs we rescued
We are all volunteer based and work for free
meaning we do not get a paycheck but work for the happy ending
matching dogs and families for life​​
We have given our time our lives our money, all for the love of dogs

Now in 2016 we have chosen to help Owners with their dogs they can no longer keep
and re home them into stable matching homes​
We are also doing fundraising to help the less fortunate with spaying their dogs in our community
and any needy rescue that has special case dogs or emergencies​​
We have found thousands of great matching homes over the years and still get updates from many happy adopters.
You can help us 
You can make a one time donation or become a sponsor
it is all tax deductable ​
see sponsor link on our site

SADT creates awareness of how IMPORTANT it is to spay/neuter all animals,
PREVENTION is the key to make sure the daily killing of animals in all the shelters will stop once and for all
We need your help to keep going
as without funds their won't be a rescue​​

SADT really appreciates any donation no matter how large or small
​ it will all ad up
please see out PAYPAL on the front page
or contact us for our address to send your check too


Thank you​​​