Save A Dog Today
matchmaking and re homing service​

SADT Adoption Application

Please fill out as detailed as possible to help us make a match 530-356-2204
Please fill in all answers includingthe city you live in and state/zip code as well as your email address
otherwise we cannot get back to you​
no PO box but physical address​​
there are 2 of the same questions in the app
so just put in
​ see above

fixing it means hours of making a brandnew form​​​
HIT SUBMIT when done filling out or it won't be sent



Fill out application completely and detailed we will have more questions after we get the application, once we get all of our questions answered and feel you could be a good match for the dog, we will answer any and all of your questions you may have, or in some cases you can talk to the foster of the dog


We will contact you via email once we reviewed your application please check your spam folder and contact us if you do not get a reply within 2 days
We will respond to each application to let you know we received it so please check your e-mail including spam/bulk folders
We do not have the time for phone calls unless you are fully approved, everything is done via online or texting
If you are contacted by us as a possible match we will need you to call your Vet to allow us to speak to them to get references, if you don’t have a Vet we need 2 to 3 non related references that can e-mail or text us.
If you rent, we need a landlord note emailed or texted to us or a voice message left on voicemail
, before we can proceed with the application, the note needs to state that a dog is allowed, breed and size of dog.


 We will be satisfied with lots of pictures of home, yard, fence, ect. inside of your home
just like if we were doing a home visit
Once we have the above we will email you our contract to read (this contract cannot be changed to suit applicants, it was made up by a lawyer for the welfare of our dogs.
 Once you let us know you agree to all terms
We can hold the dog for you up to a week with a non refundable hold deposit
(which you can pay via our paypal on our site front page) if you choose this option

 You must be approved prior to meeting the the dog 
Once fully approved we will meet you here in Redding with the dog 

if that meeting goes great we finish paperwork, etc you take pup/dog home same day
so only one meeting unless otherwise stated

We DO adopt out of area and out of state as long as applicant is fully approved and will come to Redding to pick up
At time of adoption, adopter will get all Vet records of the dog/pup they are adopting
We do NOT transport or ship, adopter has to meet/pickup dog in Redding, CA.
we do not have the time nor resources  for transporting so please do not ask and we must meet at least one household member if you are not local 
If you are in this area we prefer to meet all household members so we can see how everyone interacts
If you have other dogs, we are usually flexible and may wave for the dogs having to meet specially if you are adopting a puppy, adult dogs we usually like to introduce here and see how they both do together

What adopters get with their new
furry family member:

If over 6 months old will be altered
Heartworm tested or if not old enough on monthly HW prevention
If we had the pup since young pup will be on monthly prevention no HW test will be done

(if adult dog and the dog has not been tested it's only because the dog came from a none HW area like the Bay area were HW is not common but those dogs get put on monthly HW prevention with us right away
or the dog was tested when we received him/her and put on prevention
we only do one HW test while the dog is here with us​​

All dogs will be on flea prevention if fostered in an area that has fleas only

All dogs will have one deworming with panacur dewormer if we feel it's needed
if tapeworms are present we will deworm against that otherwise not
All dogs are UTD on all shots (DHPPL and Rabies), not all dogs will have Kennel cough shots nor other shots like Lepto, that are really not required nor needed
Some dogs will be microchipped others adopter must chip
Puppies will not be chipped adopter will do so at time of altering

You get a free VCA Vet Exam Coupon
30 days of free Pet insurance
many e books emailed and tons of needed info
plus we're here to help settle a new dog in with the least stress for all
Adopter will get all Shot/Vet records at time of adoption
Some dogs will come with items but you as the new dog owner will be responsible for bringing Harness and leash unless we say otherwise

We do NOT have a facility our dogs are in fosterhomes you can only meet the dog once you are fully approved as our fosteres are not just in Redding area so must travel a distance
We do not have the luxury of time to just show dogs to anyone
I'm sure you understand​​

We have the right to decline any applicant​​​​
as we are a matchmaking rescue and will only adopt to matching families​
or families/person we feel is suitable for the dog
If we have more than one applicant for same dog at same time we will choose the best match
for the dog​​​
 you must agree to all terms in our contract
we will not change the contract to suit you
it is made up for the welfare of our animals​
The adoption fee is a required donation as our rescue runs on that donation which is tax deductable​
Without funds we cannot rescue
we are a all volunteer based​​ rescue

If we have an owner surrender dog there are times the owners change their minds or gives the dog away without telling us
while we're working with an applicant
so we both wasted our time​​​
If the dog resides with owner we must share your info with them as the owner has the last say if they want to adopt their dog to the applicant​ that we have approved

We will only adopt dogs to people with young kids if the dog is 100% kid proof
and/or has lived with young kids and enjoys  young kids​​​ under 5 yrs old
Please folks

Please only apply for one of our dogs if you are serious

​ please​ read adoption process and follow steps BEFORE you apply

​ let us help you with the right match
so everyone will be happy​​​

email us prior in which dog you are interested to ensure the dog is still available
We do keep our site as current as possible but sometimes adoptions happen fast

starting at $185 and up​ depending on dog
age, breed etc​, sometimes we have specials as low as $75
puppies will be more​
keep in mind that all rescue dogs and their breeds are our best guess
unless it states purebred they are mixed​

Thanks much​​​​​​

We are an all volunteer based rescue
​We love our rescue dogs like our own
so we will have many more questions​
besides the app to ensure a lifelong happy ending​