Save A Dog Today
Handsome Arrow boy

his mom LOVES him a lot but Animal Control is making her get rid of the dog because she's over the limit
he can be adopted with one of his siblings as he would do much better
we only have until the 20th of AUG
once they are taken to the shelter they will be killed most likely immediatly because they only know love and the saftey of their home they will be severely stressed in that kill environment 
Sadly we do not have any matching fosters so cannot take them in but we are here to help re home them into the right matching forever homes

now fully vetted and ready to go 
 looking for loving and kind adult country home 

fine with a nice older kid too lives with a calm nice12 year old boy now

folks that have other friendly dogs his size
at least one other nice dog be ideal
or adopt one of his sisters along with him​ or foster one sibling and adopt him
once he's settled in he will be ok without the sibling​

He's 1.5 years old and 50healthy handsome pounds
well cared for always loved in same home since born
not social city dog
not a social dog unless he knows you or is at his home
where he feels comfy

 loves the country and staying home
not much on car rides or meeting new people
when outside the home
not aggressive but scared and skittish so could easily run away
if not secured via right harness and leash​​

but can learn to be out in babysteps if you are willing to teach
over months not days or weeks​

was never the only dog 
was born and grew up in current home with many other dogs
would do great with another dog active fun non aggressive
if adopted locally in Shasta county

he most likely would not do well as only dog

we are looking for large dog or breed experienced folks, patient and extra loving folks

stable homeowners over the age of 35 years that has had their own dogs since moving out of the parents home

someone home during the day

no aggression issues but shy and skittish in new places outside the home
so a kind and loving country type family and setting ideal
 looking for home bodies like he is

Arrow is intelligent looking for equal in his humans

Plays fetch,gives,high fives knows basic commands, house trained
indoor dog with outdoor play
looking for a big yard securely fenced for romping time

He will make a very loyal boy to the right matching folks
he has no known aggression issues

His mom would love to keep him but is forced to give him up because she's over the legal limit on dogs sadly
​ Animal control makes her get rid of him so we are looking to place Arrow into a perfect forever home where he will stay for life with lots of love and good care

You give him the chance to settle and proof his love and loyalty
Arrow is a young active dog 
small ranch or farm​​​ would work well as long as he's a indoor dog and part of the family
out to play potty and attend you doing chores
as well as protect you​​ from preditors
I met Arrow several times​ he is a nice dog that with lots of love and patience will bond deep and be very loyal
we prefer a local home in ShastaCounty if possible and both the owner and our rescue are willing to help in any way we can to settle him into your home​
we are really looking for the "needle in the haystack"​
for that very special person/family
and fast
we don't want this young and fun boy dead​​​ but we also want to ensure he's with the right people
that are willing and able to handle his skittishness while settling in​

adoption fee, references, fenced yard, pics of home

dogs that have not been exposed to many things as pups turn out that way
most of them
with a few exception
Arrow is the most skittish of the 4 siblings​​​​​
so being adopted with a sibling will make a big difference
If you are down to earth without high expectation
with experience love and a gentle leader
please apply​​​​

Arrow at home