Save A Dog Today
Approved adopter picks up in Redding
go to and apply
AFTER you read his bio

Only looking for experienced matching folks
You MUST have a secure fenced yard and not a electric fence
nor a barb wire fence
fenced acreage is NOT what we are looking for unless you also have a fenced yard​
secure for a dog his size​
You Must have a second small and very friendly dog at home
not a large nor aggressive dog
you must be experienced with skittish/shy dogs
meaning you owned one before and had that dog until the end of the dogs life
​​ along with the lifestyle to
accommodate the dog
He's not a city dog a quiet neighbor hood may be ok
he also does not walk in public that scares him
so you will need to very slowly train him in baby steps
if you want to take him for walks
over months not days or weeks​​
unless you live in or near the country and walk on a quiet country road
on leash never off leash
If you know about skittish dogs (because they where not socialized as pups or much at all they can spook very easy by cars or any loud noises)
You should be prepared and not have high expectations but be a down to earth super super loving person the real dog whisperer that truly bonds with their best furry friend
we are not looking for the ordinary as Coco Puff is not that
He's super super loving, loyal and sweet once he has bonded with you
but even then once in a while he can have a skittish moment
he's not used to being smothered with love hugs and kisses he's not comfy with that
regular pets is just fine
we are looking for THE match as we do with all our dogs and are very successful for the past 18 years
that person that will sit on the floor next to the dog on the ground if need be
you must a good leader to give him the security he needs specially settling into a yet another home
but not one that babies him every time he gets scared
that will make things 100 times worse
He did very well sitting next to people he loves for 2 hours in public
but as stated not one that will walk in any busy setting and should not have too
if that's something that scares him because he has not done it much
he does love car rides so instead you can go for car rides get him one of those high seats he can look out of the window

Coco hasn't had the best life bough by someone to breed him then had to live in a horse stall most of his life
he has been in a real home for about 9 months but since he was not socialized he's very fearful specially around kids and loud crazy kids so he once more must fine a home this time the right quiet calm adult home a single lady
His fosters are older and he loves both of them as well as their dogs and living in the country​
no visiting small kids as he will nip or bite if put into that situation where he gets so scared

he will easily crate and prefers a crate you can cover with a sheet in another room with music on until those little kids leave to prevent more stress in his life
we are here to help with questions etc
he is not crated at all since in foster and sleeps in bed with the fosters and other dogs
looking for retired folks with a fenced yard that has tons of love, time and patience to attend to Coco
someone that has had shy undersocialized dogs before or has done their research and willing to take him on for the rest of his life changing their own life if need be to ensure his happieness and safefy
having another friendly small dog at home would be fine
Coco is 6 years old and weighs 16 fluffy pounds
He's neutered had his Rabies shot will have a current HW test done and a booster shot as well
we are looking for outskirts of town or a quiet neighborhood no apartments best
he lives in a mobile home park the past 6 months but it's not ideal too much going on for a dog that was in a prison all his life
please be down to earth and super kind
Coco is fine getting petted by strangers but prefer not too as he has not had that exposure if you are a less social person that would be great
approved applicant can have all questions answered
we want a match and a happy ending for this very sweet boy
someone not ordinary that fits to him and vise versa​

please apply so we can see if you can be that match

Coco Puff super sweet, loyal lap dog