Size 7
45 Auto gun casing primer​​
wrapped in gold colored copper wire​

45 Auto gun casing primer
size 6 ring
wrapped in blue copper wire​​​
Free Shipping in the USA
9 mm Luger
size 7.5
Antique brass look wire wrapped upcycled gun primer
rustic look​​​​​
Free Shipping in the USA
size 7.5
45 Auto upcycled primer
copper wire look​​​​
Free shipping in the USA
Adjustable silver plated
green copperwire
wrapped upcycled  45 Auto primer​​​​
Upcycled  36 Special Primer wrapped in purple copper wire
size 10​​
size 7.5
Real upcycled gun barrel ring with upcycled 9mm Primer​​​
Custom Order welcome
Choose your caliber or use your own casing
color of wire and size
stainless steel or copper wire​​​