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In loving memory of our sweet beautiful Zoey we miss you much
I'm so sorry you had to leave us so young without ever experiencing life the way it should had been
You where very much loved by us
I just wish I could had gotten you a real family and not die at such a young age
You where dumped as so many other in the SAC county shelter
you where lucky we had one opening and had chosen another Bullie as we did not see you but came too late they already had killed her
you where next in line
we found a big hearted sponsor thank you Melanie
that brought you to us and paid for all vetting
Medications killed you from one day to the next
I wish I never had your broken toenail fixed you may still be here with us
I'm sorry I could not safe you
I love you and miss you
thinking of you much
until we meet again

Maddie you are so lucky to be able to live many healthy and happy years in a real home, after I took you off the chain
Remember how I just walked right up to you on your 3 foot knotted up chain you lived on 24/7 for over 4 years you endured the heat and the rain they only gave you a plywood piece of crap to live in facing in the direction where the weather would get to you at all times
never drying off after a rainstorm and 115 degree heat in summer
with the shallow sandbox filled with algea water enough to keep you alive and give you heartworms
we treated you and you became a healthy happy girl
but as we know adopters that are stable for the Pit breed are few so you never got adopted but your foster mom loved you enough to do so

I'm grateful we got to meet eachother and I could help you live a good and happy life
Say hi to Zoey and the many others on the other side waiting for me

I will always love you the true love that few humans will ever feel when it comes to knowing and bonding with animals
Bye for now sweet Maddie never forgotten by your rescuers

June 9th,2014

Maddie before we saved her off the chain on  7/2/06
Zoey this mommie gave up her life for you
they killed at at the pound just like you
being used for breeding making $ then dumped and so it goes on over and over again
Momma dog you gave Zoey some short term happieness not being murdered in a shelter like you where
I wanted to safe you
your eyes say it all
You had already given up severely stressed waiting for the DR. Murder
We will meet again
Know that though we never met I loved you more then your crappy looser owners ever did

Zoey left to die at the SAC shelter by her crappy owners
Beautiful Gordie everyone that met you loved you you had that special kind soul
Came to us in the most crappy shape, noone ever cared for you

It did not take long for you to find a wonderful new Family but illlness took you not long after, noone seen that illness not even the Vet
you New Dad as us where devistated
I'm so glad you got to live a loved and well cared for happy life
 even though way to short
Until we meet again my boy
We will hike at the water again
I love you
Flannie left to die at the pound with cancer but we saved you, thanks to your loving adopters you got to live 2 more years in comfort with love
You where a great loving boy got along with everyone but the dumbasses at the pound said the total opposite as they always do
 that would had cost you your life the only thing you had going for you being part Golden otherwise you would never had made it there for 2 weeks
Hard to believe they never examined you at intake had no shots nothing doomed to die why waste $ they thought
You had a football size tumor on your side they never knew about until I asked for you to safe you
long story short we checked it and it was cancer but instead of leaving you there to die you got to come out that day that's for the fosters that cared enough to take a sick dog in not knowing if you would actually find a home

and you did
Thanks to the big news story we put in the local paper, 20 some people called and wanted you and one of them was Tammie she saves the special needs and lets them live out their lives takes very well care of them
It all worked out I'm happy you got to live a great 2 years sad it was not long enough
I'm glad we got to meet my Flannigan until we meet again
run Flannie run smell the flowers like you always enjoyed
we always love you and miss you
bye my friend

After the tumor removal
Handsome Flannie a yr after rescue on cancer meds etc enjoying a spring flower
Two 8 month old pups Colt and Kimber as well as their sister murdered at the pound for being scared
We had already chosen to take both not knowing there was a sister too but it either fell on deaf ears or the word did not reach the manager between MON and FRI
we texted and called many times but the volunteer too busy so they slipped through the crack lost their young lives when they already had a rescue waiting​​
Shelter staff just don't get it as they work for $ what should they care
many dogs are overwhelmed loosing their home the way they catch the strays and most times man handle them without as much as an oz of compassion it's just a job to them​​
so much stress being in a strange death smelling prison dogs get it humans don't
I'm so sorry for you my 3 pups we loved you and cried for you we wanted you and you know it
I'm sorry I dod not get you 3 out as we planned on​​​
it won't happen again at that high kill pound with an adoption rate of only 5.6%
it's either rescue or death with 150 kennels it's always 200 plus dogs there pretty much at all times
Yes human crated that as I found in the 15 yrs of rescue they are lazy lame and cheap
we can count the people that would donate out of the blue on one hand
not a dime but we struggle through and keep saving lives while the others enjoy their expensive vacations etc​​​​​
this world has all wrong priorities otherwise 5-7 mill of animals would not be murdered yearly in the US​
I will never understand humans and no longer trying
To the person that owned those dogs and everyone that gets dumped
I wish you the worst in life and after death
let Karma get you
worthless to society as you accomplish absolutely nothing​​​​​
My sweet Indiana I'm so sorry I came to late for you
At least 4 people at the shelter knew we where going to take you​ in
I called today to pay to get you vetted when they told me they murdered you so young so much life and love in your eyes
Know that I'm crying for you and love you though we never met
This world is so wrong and noone is fixing it
most people just robots numb to life numb to killing numb period
I wanna be numb too life would be so much easier
I'm so sorry my love​​​​​​
and the maturity of humans Bullie haters
I was going to take you in knowing it would take about 2 yrs to find a stable good family
2 yrs of care but people don't give a crap they are too busy spending $ on themselves and their big vacations instead of sponsoring or donating​​​
I rather be with any dog then a human​
Sweet Indiana gave your life for Mellie
know that your puppy has a super super family​ she will always be cared for never dumped never die alone
Blondie aka Buttercup we love and miss you you where a great dog
you did not live out your life on earth run and play on the other side
until we meet again
My honor to have met you
while the lab rescue let you sit to die in the pound we took you thin as a skeleton had pups and dumped as so many​​​​
Bailey girl I'm so sorry I was not there to help you when a seizure took your life
young healthy and happy just seen you two days prior it's going to be two years soon it took me that long to be able to post you and look at you as it hurts knowing you only lived a short life and where never in a forever home but loved by all of us cared for but had a crappy life before I'm sure noone cared a stray in a pound then someone adopted you and of course they could or would not arrange their life around you to keep you
Know you are loved always your ashes spread here in the mountains to be free
free to play run and be happy once more
until we meet again my beauty​​​​
It's been many years little boy L-mustafa lived such a short life not even a yr old
adopted out thought it was a great home but they failed you
missed the infection in your leg so it spread instead of saving your life they put you down as their emotions could not handle a 3 legged dog
they did not tell me until after I would had taken you back did surgery and you still be alive playing happily today
I'm sorry I chose that family they all seemed so happy to have you but in the end where mentally to backwards to safe you as it was about them not you
they could not live and go through it but you could
Run with my bubbie and we will meet again as years keep going by​​
Alfie little boy came all the way from Crescent City pound adopted lived a mere year when the neighbors poisoned you
No they did not Poison the Golden Retriever just you because of your color
they thought you where a Pit Bull so killed you
So sad how backwards people are you where not even a Pit but either way
I wish they will die in agony have their family die first see how that feels
I know you already forgave them
I did not as humans are so insane almost unbearable in times​​​​​​
Know that I will always love you just as you are such a great temperament you had
great with everyone but some hick brainless without a spark of compassion murdered you so sickening
until we meet again Alfie boy​​​
Maddie vetted and healthy
Though no one knows 100% of Mozart's background, we know that he had a rough beginning.  It wasn't until Nikky with Save A Dog Today found him that his life started to look a whole lot brighter.  He was originally brought to me as a foster dog to train.  Mozart had no idea he was deaf.  He was born that way and that's the only way he knew life was for him.  He wasn't handicapped.  He loved to do everything that dogs love to do.  He learned sign language with ease and knew about 20 signs.  He was a deaf dog ambassador allowing the general public to give him commands to see that deaf dogs are just the same as hearing dogs.  Mozart would chase a tennis ball for hours.  It was Karen Hart who introduced us to the Shasta Splash Dog Dock Jumping club.  We were hooked.  He loved to jump for his bumper.  It was a proud moment on that dock when the announcer would say, "And now we have Mozart and Jessica.  Keep a close eye on him because you'll notice that there are no voice commands.  Mozart is deaf so all communication is done with signs."  He knew what he was supposed to do, I just had to give him the cues to do it.  I miss Mozart every single day and he will always hold a special place in my heart.  I've lost my passion for Splash Dogs because it's just not the same without my boy.  RIP, Mozart.  Always in my heart
Oh my Leckie Lou the tears flow already have not even started to write my tribute to you
it's been 6 months though it feels like yesterday or 100 years ago that I seen and touched you
that I laughed at you for being such a funny clown
Thank you for coming into my life​​​ even though the pain of loosing you will never completely go away
as I miss you my soulmate dog
the pack misses you your "sister" hunny has just now gotten back to herself
Heegy picked up a lot of your traits because you raised him too you where his aunty Lexie
I miss your happy barking going down the drive wayeeee going for walkeeees
licking out the chicken pot your head all the way in the pot now Heegy took over
I don't know if I can finish this today my love
I wanted you to get better just to once more splaschy in the poolie
so happy to be alive NOW we all can learn from you and I did you where a good teacher to all of us​​​​​​​​
Soooo smart you where look at those smart eyes so happy to be with your mommie​ out in the mountains enjoying each day
getting love love love and goodies daily
you came out of 2 feet of dog shit along with 2 siblings
I met your sweet mom they kept her sadly in a yard full of crap
you had a wonderful life just way too short not even 7 years old
cancer took you away and there was nothing I could do
I tried​​​​​​
I'm glad you did not die alone in agony but in my arms
but it was far from peaceful
I'm so sorry the vet techs where so stupid
I will never forget that aweful night and how much worse the techs made it making you suffer
extra time that was not needed​​​​​
I know you forgave and already moved on
the way it should be
I'm trying and keeping very busy so I don't have to think about it and hurt
I lost you and I lost Bruce within 3 months
I guess that's life
it would be easier if I knew forsure I will see you and all my loved ones once I'm going to leave here​​​​​​
Knowing I had that bond to you and vise versa a bond most people have no clue about
I rather hurt for the rest of my life then never knowing you at all
I love you my girl
always will
noone can take that away
and the good years we spent together
the unexpected illness that took you away within 10 days
all I did and nothing could save you
but you got to say good bye to your buddies and come home once more
but not for long
I thought I would have you for at least another month or two maybe more
I gotta go now can't do that any more right now
know that I would do everything over again to have you in my life
you have a beautiful gentle soul a rare one
I love you Leckie Loonie​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​
Funny Leckie Lou sliding leggies
making momma​ laugh
My love Lexie aka Tickie, akaLeckie Loonie Tickie aka Leck Leck aka Lecker
Listen to her song here
Ollie little boy I'm so sorry for what humans made you go through for their pleasure
I wish it where them instead ripped up not you so innocent who has done nothing to deserve any of that
I have known humans for a long time 90% are selfish lazy​​ creatures that don't give a shit they wanna block everything out that they don't like and live their little pretend life
they hate the bullie breed​ because they are uneducated and just don't care
they are plastic and fakes and do nothing to prevent those things it's too much effort they don't care but wait if it's a Golden Retriever they flock in fast​
They are too lame to open their hearts and homes to a Bullie so lots are given away free on Craigs and all over or killed daily 6 foot high in the freezers in the shelters but wait they also use that as base food for dogfood
that's how nasty the human race is
they have all the money they need for fancy cars clothes vaccations etc but not a dollar a year to donate to a cause​​​
I never met you but you are more to me than humans will ever be
I hope where ever you are you have fun and can live the life ay dog should have​​
Just know you are loved by us and we shed tears for the pain and suffering that you had to endure we love you Ollie until we meet someday​
People are fucking bitch assholes I like to hang those fuckers by their dicks​ that's their head as they are true dick heads
I would kill them slowly an eye for an eye​
I heard they found that fucker
I will get the story Lets tar that asshole
but keep him alive and tar him over and over
until he gets it​​​​
I still miss you leckie lou it's been over a year now :(:(:(
it will be 2 years this year I miss you my beautiful soul
until we meet again getting closer each day​​
Turn up the sound to listen to Cujos song

​​​My beautiful gentle giant Cujo Kutch, Kucheener man, Kuscher, Kutchi Coo, Cooschie Coo, Coosh I miss you my big sweet soul
Thank you for being in my life for over 9 years, 9 years that went by like a second, 2 years we fought for your life Kutch until there was no fight left.
You where just a pup and pretty much blind after 4 surgeries you could see again and had a wonderful life here with your pack in the mountains
From a shitty owner that was gonna shoot you to a crappy old pound in Crescent City to us
You were a tuff boy never complaining the past few months when life got tougher at times I would't let you go without a fight and you fought right along then there was nothing else to do only 2 weeks ago it feel like years have past since I last seen and touched you
I love you Cuji boy
I hope you have your Oh no Mr. Bill and blanki I have your ashes along with the memories until we meet again I surely hope that will happen someday
Say hi to Lexie Lou and everyone I care about that's with you on the other side where you are free and happy looking over us while we cry
and you say
Mom don't cry it's all good here life goes by too fast to waste tears to be sad live life to the fullest before it's too late and I will surely try
Bye for now I know you are right there in my heart where your big paw left a huge mark​​​​​​​​​​
My Cujo boy
They threw you away like an old shoe
almost blind but I saved you​​
you lived almost 10 years  never long enough
I love you my boy and miss you​​
yes I know don't cry​
For all the dogs we ever loved and lost
with just a memory left​
turn your volume up​