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Houdini is a pure country gal

loves it there and wants a fun active experienced family

as part of the family indoors out for fun and potty only

giving her plenty of fun games activity etc

Houdini is 1.5 years old, 55 pounds beautiful markings you see in the sunlight

browns golden with white and black

We are looking for fun adult country home

fine with a nice older kid too lives with a 12 year old

folks that have other friendly dogs her size be ideal

she does love with indoor cats in peace but will chase anything running when outdoors

Houdini is a 1.5 years old and 50 healthy pounds

well cared for always loved in same home since born

born and raised in the country

has not been out and about loves the country and staying home

was never the only dog

lived and grew up with many other dogs would love a dog or live with a pack

we are looking for large dog or breed experienced folks, patient and extra loving folks

stable homeowners over the age of 28 years must have experience with dogs you owned yourself

also super patient and knowledgable about shy dogs

Houdini is totally a normal dog when in her home she feels comfy in

but once out of her comfort zone can easily be spooked and skittish

once settled into a new home she will be just as normal as any other dog

if you can accept her as she is have love and patience

and going her speed not your own

no high expectations and down to earth

please apply

someone must be home during the day

at least until settled in if there's another dog for company

her size her energy level

friendly and fun

looking for home bodies like she is

and nature hikes she would love

She is highly motivated to learn specially if you present her with yummy quality human food

Plays fetch,gives,high fives knows basic commands, house trained

indoor dog with outdoor play

looking for a big yard securely fenced for romping time

without tons of foot traffic daily

She will make a very loyal gal to the right matching folks

adoption fee, references, fenced yard, pics of home

Houdini girl true country gal
Houdini in her home having fun
looking for a similar home​
Her mom LOVES her a lot but Animal Control is making her get rid of the dog because she's over the limit
She can be adopted with one of her siblings or by herself
we only have until the 20th of AUG
once they are taken to the shelter they will be killed most likely immediatly because they only know love and the saftey of their home they will be severely stressed in that kill environment 
Sadly we do not have any matching fosters so cannot take them in but we are here to help re home them into the right matching forever homes​