Save A Dog Today
How SADT got started in rescue

This is Bubba Bear without him this rescue would not exist today
We adopted Bubba from the Santa Cruz SPCA in 1998 he was a yr old then and past away after we fought his cancer for a year in 2011
Bubba had a wonderful life with us
When we first seen him there he was about 35 pounds and a skeleton with skin dragging he was happily licking us through the kennel with his blue tounge with that we could not leave him there though the shelter tried talking us out of him we went home got our Boxer Sharpei female and had them meet
they ignored eachother. So off he went to the Vets to get neutered, we picked him up the day after and found out he had a lot of things wrong
Had the a type of mange which he gave to our other dog
was 30 pounds underweight
needed eye surgery
had tapeworms
had a skin infection​​​​​​
had colitis
so about $2500 later he was on his way to a much better and healthier life​​ with us
He turned my life upside down, wild and untrained not good walking near other dogs
a mess of a dog but we did not give up on him and so glad we did not as so many others would
We made it work out the way it should be when you take on an animal no matter what you stick with them until the end.
It took a year to regrow his nasty coat even the dog trainer had an attitude when she seen him so I paid for 10 sessions and never went back for 9 of them
I trained him myself and he was very well trained with a method that would work for his breed only in a POS way.
After a yr went by we moved to Redding area into the mountains on 40 acres Bear eventually got himself 3 more furry friends to romp with, he of course was the boss, after a while we knew we could not take in any other needy dogs and keep them all so we started with our first rescue/foster dog a PitBull puppy 6 months old named Bengal who found a super home with a Prison guard in Crescent City.
From there it went on helping shelters local and non local becoming a 501 c3 a few years later saving thousands of dogs
Here we are today still giving up our lives and money for the love of dogs
Without Bubba this would had never happened ​​​ because of him thousands of lives where saved since about the yr 2000
Always loved and missed my bubby buby boy