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Jasmine is about 1.5-2 years old and weighs around 15 pounds

Jasmine is a sweet girl, loves to lay in your lap and gets along great with other dogs her size. She's a little intimidated by larger dogs so for her comfort, we recommend a home without large dogs. Jasmine was rescued from a hoarder's house (27 other dogs!) and came to us under-socialized and not house trained. Her current foster mom is working with her and says she is very sweet but a little timid, especially in new surroundings. She bonds well with her people and likes to play with other dogs her size. It is unknown how she does around cats. Her ideal home would be stable and quiet, one where she could be with her people/person all the time and share quality lap time and companionship. Jasmine can be a bit on the timid side and she will need love, patience, time, and gentle understanding to help her realize her full potential. She has so much potential and just needs someone to help her come more fully out of her shell and overcome her past. Jasmine is healthy, spayed, up-to-date on all vaccinations, and microchipped.
We are looking for breed experienced folks
stable super loving home owners
adult home only and you must have another or more nice small dogs for her enjoyment
she grew up with many dogs so for her comfort another dog her size is very important to live with
We are looking for down to earth folks
that will pamper and adore her and work on where we leave off with low expectations
This is what her foster mom has to say

When she first came to live in my house she was extremely timid and clingy. Followed me everywhere. 
She was so scared of large dogs as she never been around any that we know of that she growled at our large dog, which is totally normal and of no concern as we do not want her with any large dogs
She now accepts the large dog, we all live together, she plays with the smaller dog which is her size and just kinda keeps out of the large dogs way. 
She'll still start to bark when the large dog is excited and gets quite loud specially with a hound bark, so she must join into the fun, other than that she rarely barks.

She's a mellow dog who likes to sit on the lap.
She loves to be loved.
At first she was a bit apprehensive, now she can't get enough. Not a big licker kisser either
She readily offers her tummy to anyone who seems like they might rub her, mainly once she knows the people or it's in her own familiar home
She often falls asleep in the leg up- tummy offering position. She's used to being allowed on the furniture and of course want the same for her in her new home
Although she has fairly short legs, she jumps up on a chair or couch with ease but having doggie steps are ideal
She has been sleeping in the bed for my ease more than hers....don't know how she'll be on her own so we want her to be able to sleep with her new mom as well

She occasionally comes when called so you will need to teach her that as it is very important to come when called for her safety
if you go to her she will roll over like she's playing dead-goes limp and has to be picked up to be moved to where you want her most likely because she was scared in her previous home something a gentle and kind person can work on with her
it's no biggy

We're still working on the potty training she does great but will have accidents if you do not watch her
She will go to the door to be let out when she needs to go, but if someone is not there or paying attention, she'll go on the spot.
Potty pads have been laid for her, but never used them yet maybe her new mom can get her the fake grass for indoors to potty or continue where foster leaves off

She is in a crate when I leave the house, which is not often so we prefer someone home at all times specially the first few months until fully settled in
She cries at first but does fine

From the Photographer

I met Jasmine she is super cute and will do pretty much anything for yummy jerky treat bits
I took her leash and walked her away some she did fine till see relized what was going on then she got a bit spooked pulling over to get to her foster mom
again no biggy you just need to keep working on that
she really has no big faults at all
I noticed she liked sniffing all the smells while outside a petsore and felt pretty comfy but not ready to be a social butterfly going places she rather stays home
car rides are fine a doggie seat be ideal so she can see out the window
she also walks good on the leash
overall a great little girl with a huge heart and appreciation for her new better life
Will you be her new commie that will give her security, love a stable forever home that she so deserves
looking for a finically secure person that has the time love patience and kindness to spoil and pamper this cutie for the rest of her life
giving her a second chance
You will get a super loyal and super cute furry friend
Please adult home only has not been around kids don't want her with kids specially young ones that scream etc
A quiet adult home
She is in a all female home right now and likes it that way
Jasmine is not a biter nor a aggressive dog though we all know every dog has that potential so we want someone that would never put her in such a situation but make every effort for only POS experiences and see this beauty blossom day after day
please have a fenced secure yard for her enjoyment and ready to bond for a life time

adoption fee, pics of home, references, fenced yard

I'm Jasmine and I'm looking for an extra loving mom and I want a furry small companion dog that loves to hang out with me and is mellow like I am
I'm meeting a stranger and a man have not met many before, eager to go get the jerky treats 
Here I am with my foster mom I love her but I want my own mom now
I'm totally ready‚Äč
Sorry tiny video but shows Jasmine playing with one of her buddies in her foster home, they play in spurts and not for hours:)