Charley Brown
Charley Brown
cutest smartest Terrier
fully trained womans best buddy
country dog
Charley playing fetch same day he arrived at foster home
Harley loves the baby pool

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If serious after reading his bio please apply at
no phone-calls please
Here's is his new bio
NOV 6th 2019

Charley brown us what we call this cute little guy with a huge personality
A little man in fur who makes eye contact like a human super super smart
Looking for equal smart in his human
He is definitely terrier what kind we don't know but his personality is just that
Energy level average not bouncing off the walls
He gets a long walk in the mountains and gets to explore then later on a few times plays ball and or go for a shorter little walk or explore while you do yard work in a large yard prefer average that's fenced
Charley is not a dog for the timid but a good calm leader that can keep up with him and one that's looking to bond on a deeper level
Charley has good recall and a squeaky toy can easily do that trick as he loves loves large softball size rubber squeaky balls
He has a few favorites here at his foster that will come with him as well as his blankets bed and crate he's only in to sleep and when no one is home
Charley doesn't need to go anywhere as long as there's fun and room to.roam creek or a few baby pools for water fun and to cool off
He has a thick healthy coat and gets hot easily
Were keeping it long right now as snow and cold is approaching  so depending where his new mommie lives is what his hair cut should be or maybe just some thinning out
Charley is not a social butterfly and not looking for such a lifestyle from.his new mom but rather a quiet country type home with home bodies that love to enjoy their nature backyard with their loving little protector by their side
Charley probably weighs around 45 pounds he's solid and you would never guess he weighs that much
He loves good food and treats has a fast metabolism so can eat more
He gets home cooked meals versus dry kibble
And quality meat treats like jerky he does love cookies too
Chews some on rawhide and has lots of Nyla bones he chews them usually mainly if he gets hungry or bored so here not much as he gets exercise to tire him and food when hungry
We don't let our dogs starve all day then give dinner but rather feed every few hours and a small dinner just like any healthy active human does
So hopefully you are into healthy eating and include your furry little human
Charley loves his pets but is not really one to get smothered or hugged kissed etc
Some brushing and massage he loves that
A belly rub and ear massage
His fur easily picks up pickers etc when out and about so Hess used to getting a quick brushing after his walks out here in the country
We think his fur is now at its longest and looks cute but he also looks cute when its shorter and cut at the groomers as his prev. Family faithfully did
We do not know how charley does at the vets but can easily find out as we are in contact with his prev.  Family
He's all up to date as if right now and ready for a awesome person that let's him be a dog no worries about some dirt or pickers just clean him up
He's enjoining himself here
We want a home that's similar and like an extended family as we like updates willingly from the new family
In the meantime he gets great care and love while waiting to be found by his down to earth folks
People that will ensure his safety as well as never put him in any situation that would put him or others in any danger
Charley is one great dog looking for one great woman or couple
He loves women but has no issues with great calm guys just not a guys dog
Were not looking for any kids or teenagers at home
They usually tease dogs and bring out the worse
Adult only no other animals
You wont need any he's all you will want once you know him and bonded
Did not take him long here to settle just days really which is super fast
He has calmed down and is happy
We love him but want much more for him than we can offer so we cannot keep him as there are many other dogs requiring  our time as well
We are very positive that this super person will find him and love him like we do

5 years young, 42 pounds looks like 30 pounds
handsome soft dark brown coat with white
regular grooming possibly clipping for shorter summer coat
not hypoallergenic
Charley listens very well fully obedience trained
fully house trained
never in a pound
in a great foster home waiting for his match
Energy level 7 but it's really easy throw the ball
let him swim
we play about 30 min two to 3 times a day along with at least one walk
he seems to be happy with that and likes being in a more controlled environment

We know Charleys complete background since he was a baby

apply at
if you are serious
please read the full bio and what we are looking for and what we don't want for him
we have matched dogs and families very successfully for 20 years
we are in no rush always looking for THE right forever match
please be a person that makes the dog come first should be the most important "thing" in your life
Be a home type person financially secure home owner over the age of 45 preferred Fully approved adopter picks up in Redding
looking for country home ranch style or outskirts of town older couple that's active and fun at least for daily ball games and a large secure fenced area hopefully with a creek or pond or several baby pools be great
he does love the water
no kids no cats no dogs
has not lived with any dogs and cares less about being a playmate or companion to other dogs
he's into his owner and prefers women over men, a couple or single women looking for a furry fun companion to share her time home and heart with someone that prefers the quiet country life gardening etc, where Charley can be by your side
visiting kids fine not on a daily basis petered ,
 Charley has lived a very good life thus far and has been overall a great family dog ( reason for surrendering
 Charley will be discussed in detail with a matching applicant) he now has a nice life at his country home foster waiting to be found by the right down to earth folks that have small to medium dog experience hopefully more than one owned dog  
   Charley has been well maintained from a routine vet, grooming monthly (coat, nails, teeth, etc )

  Charley is good with good with dogs, but does at times tries to mount   
     Charley went though puppy/doggy training at an early age and also went through some professional onsite (in-home) training at age 3.5   
 Charley understands the following commands very well – walk, ok, up, let’s go, come, stay, off, leave it, back, sit, heel, lay down, home (go in his crate), shake (hand/paw shake), on your bed   
Charley loves to be outdoors and off leash in rural areas once fully bonded  
  Charley frequented dog parks and socialized with many dogs of all shapes/sizes but we prefer he lives at a place where he does no longer need to go to a dog park but in a more rural area on fenced property to have fun in   
 Harley loves belly rubs, ear, and chin scratches   
   Charley has never been allowed on furniture or in/on a bed but he surely would love a spot next to you on the couch when allowed to be up next to you  
  Charley loves chew toys and balls besides being a swimmer and water nut
   Charley has been trained to not chew on furniture and has never done it he has tons of toys and plenty of daily exercise     When greeting a new people he loves the dog etiquette let the people sit and relax when he's ready he will come up to sniff them and eventually get yummy treats    
Charley love grass – lay, roll and eat   
  Charley is familiar with loud noises – lawn mowers, vacuums, music, kids, etc but we want a more relaxed but active home for him he doesn't need hours on exercise but quality time playing taking a long walk on the property with his people exploring some and hanging out after some playtime   
  Charley has done great on his longest car ride and can easily learn to keep going he hwas fine in the back seat on his bed  
      Carley likes to be in close proximity to his family if he knows they are around – does fine in crate once family leaves.  Silent, sleeps but not looking for a home where he spends much time in a crate looking for down to earth folks that know to let a dog be a dog they get wet dirty and enjoy life
Charley has a very soft hair like coat which will shed some it also grows so needs clipping and grooming
his coat is darker brown with white tips very unique
has a little mohawk you can grow out
he listens very well
walks great on leash short and long
we have him on a 16" retractable leash with a no pull harness
his crate only used little when people leave or open at night will come with him
his blankets toys bed etc
harness and collar brand new just bought
all you bring is your open arms huge dog heart
and a good new leash with some yummy treats
please be a financially secure home owner over the age of 40 years pref.
you are a true dog lover that is a great leader that sets boundaries and enforces them as all dogs like
push overs for Terrier breeds are not a good match
you must be a semi active person that loves to walk and be out in nature on own property doing daily chores
let Charley your best buddy hang out with you enjoying life creating memories
Charley is a awesome little guy super smart and likes to please if he knows you are the leader otherwise like most dogs
he will take the lead
we are not looking for a by the book totally stern person but someone that wants to have fun is a happy person
versus depressed healthy enough to enjoy many many years bonding deeply
with Harley boy
He's not perfect has one or 2 "hick ups" that for society is not "perfect"
but the right person will not care
he's a really good dog for the right person and environment

  adoption fee, refs, home check, pics of home, fenced yard, someone home during the day quiet country folks down to earth
Charley playing fetch same day he arrived at foster home
Harley loves the baby pool

marly pip