Charley Brown Super ball dog
LOVES to jump in water after ball SPLASH DOG?
Charley Brown
huge personality
super super super smart
country dog experienced adult home
only pet you won't need any others

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My name is Charley
My fosters call me Charley brown cause my hair is nice and brown
I'm 7 years young exactly it's young cause that's how I feel
My fosters said I may weigh about 45 some healthy pounds
I'm a muscle ball mainly and I AM very very terrier so my fosters said they are only looking for terrier loving folks that know the breed well and kind of know what to expect we're just a great breed for certain folks that love that personality and energy along with being super smart and often out smart their family
My fosters want someone that I cant out smart someone that has energy and is healthy like myself to enjoy life
I'm not off the wall energetic but love to go for hikes in the quiet country only on my own many acres love to swim and chase and carry my many rubber balls around
I love to live life and live a down to earth type country life with someone that's already happy so we can share our happiness together
Someone that loves to stay home more than socializing
A quiet mainly just us life
Home would be ideal
Visitors every so often are fine
I like people once I'm comfy with them and I don't like strangers just touching me
Have some manners will you 😄
Once you have earned my trust which doesn't take long if your vibes are positive and great and you have goodies I can eat I be yours soon and once I am I will be yours until I leave this earth in that time we will be happy and laugh and enjoy each other's company
You will be as loyal as I am you will take me as I am and never abandon me
I already lost the one family that I counted to live with forever but I'm over it cause it's much much better at my fosters home I get the freedom to run and the food that's great and always enough so I don't feel like I'm starving
Well they didn't starve me on purpose but it sure felt like I was hungry all the time and thin for my high metabolism
They did take very well care of me so to speak but now I can be me and be a dog of course my fosters don't let me do whatever they have rules and boundaries and I listen most of the time
I'm looking for leadership
You are a great gentle but firm leader and big lover
I want to be the apple of your eye while we're walking side by side sharing our fun life together
We never cry were never sad were never angry
We appreciate life together and show it through mutual respect and love
Only a few humans fall into those categories
I know you who's looking for a furry buddy like me will find me
I'm really a cool and unique character my fosters mom says she loves me a lot and only looking for the best and a super match cause she wants me to be just as happy as my new family
I was raised as only dog so that's what I want to be only pet at home
I do live around other dogs but not with them as there's a big dog that is kind of a bully so best to keep everyone safe
I have been here a while and love it here but surely would like my own mom or mom and dad
I'm fine with guys too but was mainly raised with a women as my then dad was at work every day
I love my Foster dad too he can throw the ball really fast and far for me
I'm also pretty good now in the car either passenger or back seat
And please throw the crate away I'm tired of it and treat me like a big dog cause that's what I am
In my last home I was mainly treated like a small dog and the few times I traveled they put me in a crate I hated that
Now I go short distance in the truck passenger seat or in back seat we go a few miles and get the mail
We also went to the lake so I got to swim my fosters will take me soon again the water is low and muddy right now so less fun
I have not gone to town and really don't care to go cause I'm a country boy and love to be here and enjoy my people and nature
I have been in the snow too it's a lot of fun
I don't really chase anything but the ball unless a squirrel would be right in my face but I cannot guarantee you I never chase anything
Oh yes and I shed just like anyone and I have a very thick coat so get hot easily even when shaved so my coat is usually short but my face is so cute it's kept longer as well as my tail
I love being brushed once we know each other well
I'm not a snuggler but once we know each other I love to be petted with belly rub
My Foster mom has a soft brush just for my face I love that
They also groom me do I don't have to go to those grooming places that I used to go to every 2 months
I'm a bit more scruffy  looking but much happier
As I get to do fun things daily and I don't have nor need a crate
For safety when none is home which is very rare
I have a room with a gate
My extra comfy bed water toys bones and stay there until someone is back home
I love my super comfy bed the bottom part is a 5 inch heavy foam and the top is my snuggle bed I love all very comfy
My Foster mom says my bed will go wherever I go and many and most of my stuff
I don't mind the rain and well still go out to play ball and walk
So hopefully you are not rain shy
We can play inside as well or mainly hang out after a couple quick walks
I hope you don't have a lot of dogs visiting daily
I prefer just my people but can tolerate some nice and calm dogs with the right intro over time
Just don't expect me to be a dog lover
I'm a one on one less is better but can learn over time with patience and guidance
Once I learn your language I hope you also lean mine so we can easily communicate
My Foster mom said she doesn't want me with people that yell all the time but quiet country or mountain folks that love the real life
I can help you with your daily out door chores or at least accompany you while you the throw the ball for me every so often
Please have a few large baby pools for me and many many rubber balls that do not squeek as the squeek gets me going to much.
Also you gonna have keep teaching me to not get over excited when you use the hose to water my Foster mom is teaching me to just let it be and just be in the pool with my balls
I love large and medium balls not small ones for small dogs
I also use regular bowls to eat and a giant glass water bowl
Stainless steel or glass not plastic mom says it's not good cause of allergies to plastic it's actually toxic
I only chew on my bones which I have many nyla bones and I get large rawhides as long as someone is home to monitor me
I have a harness but we don't use that as I walk perfectly on the property
If it still fits I will bring that along it's still brand new I have a collar too and my own you bucket I bring that too filled with my stuff
My fosters only wanna let me go to matching folks that wanna be like a family and enjoy updating about all the stuff I do in my new life chapter
And send pics and videos and even future visits
My fosters are very busy people but will make the time to hear the updates which are many until I'm fully settled in then fewer unless you wanna keep it up
My fosters say we all got to click and know in our gut that this is truly it
A relationship for life
Are you that unique person looking for that once in a lifetime love and friendship
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