Ruby Rubina Rubinstein easy trained Companion
we have tons of new pics and videos
email if interested

Isn't she a doll with her human eyes
that will look into your soul
Ruby is a old soul she's calm mellow and easy looking for the same in her adult human that lives a quiet live preferable in the outskirts of town or quiet neighbor hood
Ruby would be ideal for a mature stay at home person or couple that has dog experience and is a home body and not a super social person
Ruby doesn't mind being social at times but prefers the quiet lifestyle

Appy at
Approved adopter picks up in Redding CA
new update soon or ask questions
She has learned so much and a happy gal

Utube links
Chasing toy

Loves to play fetch in the lawn

more ball play

her DNA test
it will come with her adoption
along with toys blanket
her 2 brandnew leather collars
one is a Martingale
for walking she uses the harness if walked on leash
rarely the martingale anymore that was for quick pee brakes

Ruby probably weighs close to 85 pounds now with mountain walking and good healthy food
Perfect weight
guessing her about 1.5 years super white teeth

16 min play a couple times a day or if it's hot she loves to bake herself for hours in the sun
cool off her feet in baby pool drink maybe a few minutes of shade then looking for more sun
super easy unless she hear fighting squirrels then she either has to check it out or doing a few quick barks
she's now allowed to roam the immediate area free as long as someone is out there
never unattended
Not needy non demanding however we want her in a home where people dote on her at least somewhat not smothering  but she loves just laying next to you while you sit or work
She can be off leash once settled she stay right next to you does not roam but a few feet
Ruby is one of the easiest dogs we ever had but we are only looking for someone that has owned dogs and raised at least a few as some experience will always come in handy
Ideal home country type setting
She loves it here in the mountains
She mainly bakes herself in the sun early am goes for a walk which is slow shes in no rush sniffs out the trails

A short game of squeaky toy or ball fetch maybe 10 minutes long she cools off in baby pool with her feet and she is done
A great gal for young healthy retired country folks that live a quiet lifestyle
Ruby has never gotten into anything she should not
Does not chew anything up but her rawhide and nyla bones
A toy if you let her if excited but she stops immediately when you tell her no exchange with bone but its rare
Since my home is full she lives in a comfy 1000 sf workshop with air and a extra comfy real mattress and dog bed
No crate needed she's rarely left alone but maybe 3 hours the longest she's fine alone for hours once a week
If need be once settled
She has not been around many dogs we think as she feels uncomfortable near them we are as time permits walk her  by other non threatening dogs
But we are looking for folks that don't care dont have any other animals and really just want such a great companion
So perfect at age 1 in all other ways to make up for what the average human would call a fault because they look for perfection we are not looking for such folks but truly down to earth and full full of love nothing uptight someone old enough who realizes how the little things are most important
In life and the bond love and friendship between human and furry human
Those rare folks out there that put their dogs before anything
That's what we are looking for
You will absolutely be happy sharing your life with such a wonderful girl
We love her but we are not dog free to just have one dog we already have many
This one is truly a gem a diamond looking for her match for life
Ruby also loves car rides now and then or just jump in and lay in the car
Shes not a barker unless there's a bear or something
She is a wonderful dog one of the few of thousands of dogs that came through our rescue in the past 20 years
We would love her to go to. Someone that feels like extended family
We have such adopters for other dogs adopted
It's not a must but we need to be on the same page her happiness comes first
You must be financially secure to properly care for a dog
Homeowner with fenced yard

Ruby loves to rub herself on you or your coat hanging over a chair just like a cat would do
She does her business fast when you take her outside with a leash mot likely was leash walked in her prev. home so used to that routine
She loves the big rawhides and gets to chew under supervision she also is fine with nylabones
she likes the home bakes cookies but most treats are good for her and she will sit and make eye contact before she gets one
She has a tummy of steel can eat all sorts of new foods without getting the poops yeahhh
Ruby loves being brushed and will sit still
she does not really like her feet messed with so something she can learn still with a patient owner that has time
She has not shown any people aggression and seems to be a happy well adjusted dog but she will easily pick up on neg energy from people

She bonds easily and does not seem to miss her rev. owners
She does not look like she was abused no hang ups not skittish a bit coutious at times
she now knows sit, down, wait and waits with leash on at open door for the ok going out after the human
she LOVES squeaky balls and entertains herself but also loves to play fetch
learning to let go of the ball
she always makes really good eye contact
when she looks at you she seems to look deep into your soul like a human almost
she also responds well to aaahhh
she's not a water nut but will walk through the baby pool to cool off

She's tallish at 20" from mid back to floor
longer muzzle and athletic build
her tail is more like a hound tail it's longer and thicker
she has some longer coat feathers on her rear end
her tail and top of neck fur have a tad of waves
the rest of the coat is short and smooth
Ruby is learning her name too and respond

Ruby is fully vetted and ready to be found be her super down to earth human

She's good walking on a 16 foot retractable leash
Overall could make a great companion for walking hiking hanging out
Keep checking back for updates or contact us for any info
We only adopt our dogs with families that have kids if we know the dog grew up with them and is 100%kid proof
We prefer an adult home with dog experienced folks over the age of 28 years
only animal at this time
country ot outskirts of town but not a must
Secure fenced yard a must
We believe Ruby may have lived in the city
As the way she behaves out here in the mountains seems all new to her
Also she's great in the car
see her first time in baby pool

to be with you
to sun herself
a comfy bed
nyla bones
squeeky balls
sniffing the ground while walking like a hound
small dog raw hides wrapped in chicken
cooked beef over cooked chicken
dry dog food and cookies
duck jerky over chicken
hang out chewing her bone while you sit and work
Ruby is mellow but playful whatever you do she does
she usually walks next or behind you if infront does not pull
she's a slow walker who likes to sniff either the ground or air
does not bark like a hound
she listens very well
will sit by open door before allowed out to walk while on leash
but if you let her get away with it she will go
she knows sit, down and up also in hand signals
she learns very fast and wants to please
What a Gem of a dog

adoption fee, refs, fenced yard, pics/video of home, homeowner, only pet, adult home