Save A Dog Today
Re-homing service

One time fee to rehome a single pet
$150 per pet 
(if you qualify we will just take a $50 deposit refunded only if the dog was adopted through us
please contact us if you are a low income family and need help rehoming your dog
that means it's FREE for you​)​​

Your dog must be fully vetted if over 6 months old
with proof to show​​

Follow up is provided at no extra cost to the pet owner. When a pet is placed with it’s new family, an adoption fee is collected. This covers our costs for providing a full year of follow up services, to ensure that your pet is where and with whom they are supposed to be – and that they are being well cared for.
As well as keeping SADT rescue dogs cared for

Should an adoption fall through for any reason within this 1 year window of time, this fee also provides us with the ability to seek another suitable home for your pet, without any added expense to you – or the new owners.

There are many costs involved in the search for your pet’s new home. 

No matter whether it takes us a few days – or months to find your pet’s new home, our one-time fee covers everything.​​

PROFESSIONALLY WRITTEN ADS (bios) To Create an HONEST, Yet Very Compelling Story about Your Pet.
POSTING YOUR PET’S AD on a variety of popular pet adoption websites.

A Detailed ONLINE ADOPTION APPLICATION FORM For Prospective Adopters To Fill Out. 

You stay ANONYMOUS! Keep your phone number, email address and contact information completely private (only SADT will have your private info
unless you choose otherwise​

We are not willing to take on any dogs that have human aggression issues
a dog that cannot be petted by a stranger or will attack the person

shyness is fine​

attacking or lunching at humans in a aggressive manner is not acceptable​
this is very rare but does happen​
if a dog cannot be approached by us a adopter could not approach them either
so an adoption would not happen​​

Why do we charge money to rehome a dog from an owner

1) We spend a minimum of 10 hours cropping the pictures/videos we took of your dog, enhancing them etc, posting them on 5 plus sites​
making the dogs own website (that we must pay for web hosting and domain name)​
2) We spend a minimum of an hour to put the dogs bio together​
3) We spend money on gas/time traveling to and from the meeting place​ to meet your dog and take professional looking pictures and videos
4) We communicate with people asking about your dog many times before the right family is found
5) We take the time to communicate many times with the dogs owner
everything is time consuming​​​ taking time away from our family

The money is used to save lives as it goes into SADT rescue​
If you do not have the money but your dog is fully vetted and has no bahavior issues as mentioned​ below contact us we will see what we can do to help
This service is for folks that truly love and care for their dog but for some real reason can no longer keep the dog at home but are not in a quick rush to just dump anywhere