Save A Dog Today
Archer the happy go Lucky mountain dog
Fully Obedience trained, indoor/out​
loves to talk
if serious apply at
he's located in Redding CA

you must be willing and able to come here to Redding for at least one meet and greet

looking for the right home about 3 hours circumference from Redding
or if there's a real match here in Redding area of course

2.5 yrs, 130 plus pounds, about 27 inches tall

you must be very dog experienced
we are only looking for a match and won't rush to get him out

Archer lives with 3 adults middle aged, 2 women and one man, the woman care and train him plus there are 6 other dogs in the home
​ senior dogs mainly

Archer has become a wonderful young adult after many months of training and consistency
​ he's no longer the spoiled teenager that he was when he arrived at the foster home
​ he has blossomed into a great companion dog that loves being outside with his human buddy
​Archer is very loved by his fosters but they cannot keep him they want a lot more for him than they can offer
Archer would love to have fosters do what they can​
with daily walks, ball play etc
What we are looking for for him
A dedicated person not the average Joe
you MUST be a down to earth without a overwhelming ego​
you should be a physically and mentally strong person​ that is a natural leader
and knows what leadership means
A min of one fenced acre with secure fencing 5 feet tall or taller
or a separate fenced yard​
( he is not a runner nor escaper more on that and everything if you are what we want for Archer)

He loves the many acres at his foster to explore but stays close by and entertains himself
close to the fosters when outside with his toys mainly a rubber kong football that he loves to squeek laying in a dog cot
rolling around
If you don't have a pond or Creek baby pools are a must and more then one
He has 4 in the summer and 2 all year and will use them all year
He has a heavy coat so gets easily hot

He runs like the wind or like a bullet very fast for such a large dog very elegant

Archer was born to enjoy life that's all he wants with someone that loves him
​ and is his natural leader that will enforce rules and boundaries each and every time
​ as he is a smart cookie so you better be as smart 

Archer is a large fearless companion best buddy 
for the right person with the right environment he will be fairly easy
that's if you are the above know and understand dogs
raised at least 5 dogs in your life and had them until old age
don't have high expectations
he must be the​​​
Only pet in the home
maybe after a year of bonding and you want another dog that may be possible
however he is still learning the dog language at the fosters with their dogs
he has never learned it so is either totally overexcited when meeting new dogs
or with fosters dogs he thinks he can play at any time even if the other dogs don't want too
so please do not apply if you have any other animals at home
he's not ready to go to such a home
He also loves to chase birds and anything flying
so no birds etc
He is a very vocal dog and loves to talk to you
he's very vocal when he plays
to someone that does not understand dogs well
the vocal part could be misunderstood for aggression along with his excitement​​​​
eventually he will be able to control that more
we always work on that​​
​​​​​No close neighbors with dogs like immetiatly next door there are non at the foster
no cats either he likes to bark at the Squirrls that tease him but foster does not allow the barking
so he comes in immediatly​​ so no bad habit started
Energy level
maybe a 7
he loves to play in the morning
and or go for walks depends on the weather
he loves to run free​​​​​​ on secure property with his people right there

Archer is a young dog and full of life
he's funny and sometimes a hand full
he can be stubborn but you being a true leader he will easily give in
he knows his commands and is very good at it as well as hand signals
he can stay at the open door for a few minutes​​​ before he's allowed to go out
he may not do that for you right away but he listens very well to the fosters​​
With him you will always feel secure in your home
You must be a stable home owner meaning you do not rent and we will need some proof
You must be adult and have raised a few dogs since on your own your own dogs not friends or parents
Archer is not for a beginner
Prefer a very experienced
Person that truly understands dogs​
if that's not for you please don't apply​

Archer will come with all his stuff
from crate to toys​​​​​​
We have tons of videos on utube as well
like Archer running with a huge branch etc​​
This is a real dog not for the timid​

Big boy loves to wrestle huge boxes
Here he is in action running in the mountains enjoying life
Here are some fun U tube links for videos copy paste into your browser​

Archer playing with foster dogs he has known for some time, they don'y play with him much as they are much lower energy and not as fast or big