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Mr. Handsome Hunk
click link below to get breed details on the Black Mouth Cur 

our requirements
Must live a 3 hour circumference or less
From Redding CA
Unless you are the most awesome and perfect match
You must have a secure fenced yard and acreage
Either in the mountains or ranch land etc
Prefer without close neighbors that have loose dogs visiting
No dogs no cats no critters best
Adult home
Hermit ok to a certain point
Not tons of daily visitors the fewer the better
He's not used to having people over
When people come over he's in his crate for now at the fosters but that's rare
Way too much dog for any kids around maybe later once he's older
You must be a stable home owner we prefer someone with lots of large dog experience and prefer breed experience as cur people know they are a totally different breed of dog and will give their own life to save yours
You must be at least as smart as Archer
You want to be an outdoorsy type of person that doesn't run away from a drop off rain
One that does not mind sitting on the ground with their furry friend nor worry about a hair here or there
One that truly understands what bonding with a dog means​​​​

1 year old 
around 90 pounds maybe closer to 95
25 inches tall
a big and handsome boy for the right home
not your average dog
looking for not your average person
ready to go anytime to right matching person

Archer-Malory-Sterling we call him mainly Archer
​  loves to run and hike in the mountains or wild nature
​ just what this breed was made for the mountains are his natural home
​ he loves it there like keep him in a similar setting and not too far from Redding CA
3 hour circumference but we are not totally excluding other CA folks
all depends on if you are a true forever match

He loves to throw toys up in the air and entertain himself or play fetch
his bark if that of a hound or close to it and a big bark cause he's a big dog
he's a talker too so you must love this trait​
anything that runs excites him
totally the breed he is​​​

We are looking for hound lovers that have had this breed hound or cur breed as they are not your average dog breed

So Cur and hound lover read up here

Archer is fostered in a home in the northern CA Mountains
And loves that type of nature looking for similar
must have a huge yard
secure fencing 6 feet tall
if it's a smaller yard and you hike daily and live in nature that may work as well​​​

Archer cares less about leaving his mountain home so likes to be with someone similar a home body
he is great riding inside the car even on long rides but all the things in the city easily overstimulate him within 10-15 minutes

We are firm and consistent every single time with his training, boundries, rules that we set and his routine
it's very structured and looking for similar at least the first 6 months after moving to a new home
(that's how it should be with most dogs) 

we do not punish or yell but a positive approach mainly and stern

So there must be a balance of exercise/activity and calm which includes his daily long naps
to ensure there's minimal brat stage​

For him less is more at this time and taking baby steps over time
when in a new home​
(yeah I know most people wont give you such details when adopting a dog out but we want the right folks for him
and a happy ending)

He gets an hour walk on a 16 foot retractable leash in the mountains which he loves to use his nose and track a lot so gets mental stimulation as well
He gets to run a fenced wild/wooded area that's about an acre for a total of maybe an hour to two hours give or take so far his exercise total in the day is maybe 3 hours sometimes less if foster is away from home that time is spread out throughout the day not at once
he is now getting trained off leash and doing very well on recall
we are always there and don't let him roam too much or far
throwing a large tuff ball down the driveway he runs and gets it then we throw another a great way to wear out a young dog​​

The rest is calm and hanging out for a few hours then play more or run by himself out in fenced area
or chewing on a fresh soup bone or raw fresh rib bones​

our training is at all times by enforcing what we say so it's not like lets train a hour a day
 that's an overload so minutes here and there along with structure and consistance is the key to a well behaved dog

you must have a yard that leads into the home not separatly fenced away from home
he would not be happy with that neither would we

He is well worth the effort and will make a great and fun companion and give his life protecting you and his family he loves

In a quiet and calm environment he does very well
distractions can get him going we are working on that
it will take time as he gets older and consistency on the owners part

Archer loves to get into water like a pond, baby pool, river, lake has not yet swam
but loves to cool off in it
he loves it when you throw a toy or ball and he entertains himself for a few
by running up a hill with the ball then dropping the ball
he runs down and catches the ball
he does that for a few minutes
playing his own ball game

Archer is crate trained and will come with his large wire crate
it's his den and a good place to use for settling in when in a new home

His diet is gluten free kibble soaked in hot water with a real cooked meat
either beef or chicken daily and a few times a week scrambled eggs in it as well
he gets some in the am and for dinner
and treats in between
he also gets after dinner snacks
bone marrow bones and quality treats
and he loves rawhides
the big ones 
we are looking for folks that make this also an important aspect
good food usual equals better health throughout life

We are looking for stable homeowners prefer middle age but flexible for the right folks
someone that won't be having or planning on having kids 
someone that wants a best buddy, sidekick and protector and has the right environment to offer him
someone that goes the extra mile if ever needed

He's such a beautiful boy with a big heart and soul in his right home he will blossom and thrive
he's also a big goofball and clown that enjoys life

he's a large and sturdy strong dog that can carry back packs
he has a pack that comes with him
he carries 5 pounds as of right now and we will be adding over time if still here
he's not fond of it and rather runs the mountains free
but a good training aid​​

Archer could be everything you been looking for
if you are everything we are looking for for him

At his foster home he's a very confidant dog who lives to play, explore nature
and it's all about him 
isn't that what teenager are all about 

Archer is a happy boy that is full of young energy
for someone that matches the energy
We can see him living with a guy or a couple or a woman
in the mountains or big property
 outdoorsy type people going for daily hikes or working outdoors looking for the company and protection
going fishing etc

for the right matching approved applicant we will have more info
chat via phone with foster and here to help settle him into a new home

we are looking for folks willing to visit at least once or more before we all decide this is a match forsure 
this is a 10-15 year decision and we want him with the right folks so everyone is happy 
we would possibly drive him to you after you have come here a few times for visits only​

adoption fee,references, fenced yard a must, pics of home inside and out, someone home during the day
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Archer with his hiking pack on he can carry 5 pounds at this moments we don't want it too heavy yet