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Mr. Handsome Hunk
Archer is 15 months old
most likely 120 healthy pounds
25 inches tall
a big and handsome boy looking for a big guy as his companion and leader
He's a early morning dog so looking for a morning person
Archer goes to bed by or before 8am in his foster home he gets up between 7 and 8 am and is ready to go soon after
until his nap time which is from about 11:30 to 1:30 then he goes again fetch hike play
4 to 5 pm is dinner then he chews on a bone and hangs out then bed
we started him on a pinch collar for training we usually do not use nor like them but he actually prefers that over the nose haltie
so we are giving it a try so the new pics you will see him with that on and know why
Archer is a happy go lucky dog as long as things go his way he has learned to accept life can't always be his way and the nothing is for free training method is working looking to continue with someone who believes in that as well
We have stuck a lot of time and effort into him it has paid off and he will just get better

Archer has blossomed into a wonderful young man still has some bouts of teenager in him but has come a long ways since in foster with his training and behavior
From a teenage "do what I want" attitude he now knows to do what his owner wants him to do
sometimes not willingly but with the right breed experience strong but gentle leader he will do what he does here with us
We know Archers past since he was a pup and will have that info for the right approved applicant
This is what we are looking for for Archer to match him into his forever home
You must had the breed or one of the 2 breeds prior and since you moved out on your own not a childhood dog your parents owned
You must be home all day 24/7 and looking for a only pet at home companion
We prefer only one person but a couple is fine in adult home
You must be a stable home owner that can afford to properly care for such a dog as well as we do if not better
You must have a minimum of an acre fenced with 6 foot secure fencing
If you only have a large yard and live in a forest etc and have many walking trails where you do not have off leash dogs that run into you that will be ok too
If you are a runner he would be great for protection and fun running along once trained to do so
we are looking for someone over the age of 28 years no druggy nor drunk but someone that has a brain as sharp or more so than Archer and is physically fit to keep up with a 100 pound dog like Archer
We are looking for a home in the outskirts of town, country, mountains etc
We would prefer 3 hour circumference from where he is located now in the Redding area
no out of state unless is close to the border in OR
we feel he would be a great dog for someone that lives in Tahoe but won't exclude someone for just the location
We are only looking for someone that is dedicated to work with any and all issues that may or may not arise
Someone that is far from lazy and eager to teach Archer many new things maybe even a search and rescue dog since he LOVES to track
foster would keep him and train him for that but has plenty of her own dogs to care for and no time for that much extra
We want someone that has time for him not just for a year but for his entire life someone not planning on having kids and girlfriends etc that would take the needed time away from his best buddy
We are looking to match Archer with his human sidekick that he will love and protect
Someone that knows what leadership really means
Someone willing to listen and take our advise in settling a dog in they don't know but we do and willing to come here to Redding area at least once for a visit before taking him home
Someone that does not rough house to hype him up
that's not something for Archer
Someone that knows how to respect to get respect and not too lazy to enforce rules and boundaries
Someone down to earth that has raised a few dogs before and had them for their entire lives
Archer is a young dog so expect lots of energy and lots more learning
We have a lot of info to give you if you are what we are looking for
Someone that is calm but active, a person that is truly looking for a close companionship and not just a dog
If you are a guy or a women does not make a difference as long as you are sharp as a tac and always a step infront of him mentally and physically
Most of the above we expect from all our adopters but with Archer we want to ensure you know before hand what we are looking for and what you are getting
What you get
A beautiful big handsome 100 plus pound dog
A fully housetrained dog
leash /halti trained
car ride trained (great in car)
knows all basic commands as well as
hand signals (will show and write down all for approved adopter)
A dog that plays fetch with more then one toy
a dog that will alert you to strangers
a dog that loves his belly screeched
A dog not scared of rain or snow actually he's a fearless dog and will if need be take on anything
A dog that loves water and loves huge chunks of ice, wood sticks boxes everything that's big for a big dog
A dog that will come to a whistle or car horn honking
a dog that if he gets out will return (but we want to avoid the getting out)
A dog that does listen well most of the time
A dog that does not jump up on you
A dog that has a strong will but for the right leader will ease up a lot (unless the teenager comes out a bit:)
A dog that is crate trained for the first few months till settled and once bonded can easily be left there for 3 hours or so (after he's fully settled in
A dog that will snatch your food if you leave it sitting there so don't tempt him
A vocal dog that tells you when he wants something
A young dog that still needs his daily naps so he won't be a brat
A dog that does not chew things up (as long as he gets plenty of daily exercise and one on one with you
he does not even chew up his plush toys
a dog that loves all toys but plays mainly with large kong type rubber toys or large balls that are tough and have tough squeezers in them
a dog that entertains himself by throwing his plushtoys around
a dog that rolls around on his back making funny noises when he's happy
A dog that is not used to having strangers over the home so the fewer the better or be somewhat of a hermit
A dog that is happy just being at home as long as there's stuff to do a places to go around the property
A dog that is learning to leave the wild Turkeys alone (still on leash training)
A dog that likes real food and meat, cheese, eggs etc mixed in with his kibble daily
A dog that easily gets distracted when too much is going on around him
A dog that easily gets hyped up if you are hyper (don't want that)
A dog that can often feel what you think (by the energy you put out)
A dog that truly is unique
A dog that still talks back at times but doesn't really mean anything
A large dog that easily can scare the weak or uneducated folks by his bark and being vocal when he encounters new dogs or people but has never been aggressive to either
A dog that wants a deep bond for life and equal respect a quiet but stern voice, clear commands and love that's more than skin deep that will last until the end of his life
this bio will surely scare away the week and we know there's just a handful of such people out there and that's fine we are not rushing him out but want that right match
You can apply or you can look elsewhere where everything is hidden and noone tells you what the dog is really about
we do and will so you can be prepared
Archer is work in progress and always will be as all dogs are
and yes he does shed just like we all shed hair and skin daily and no he's not used to baths and dogs really don't need them, only if skunked
His nails are staying short so we did nor have to clip them nor would he want you to do that
He loves to be brushed with a fulminator in a gentle way
he loves to roll onto his back trying to be cute to wrap you around his paw forever
He will need tick prevention as he does not like to have any ticks removed, foster knows how and still does it and does not let him get away with anything
Looking for an outdoorsy type of person that also like the comfy once indoor for a nice warm place in the winter and a cool place in the summer
Archer is a indoor dog with playtime and fun outside
he has a comfy bed large water dishes along with a few baby pools that he wades in daily no matter what season
So if you feel this is what you have been looking for for months not days apply at our site so we can see if you can be a super match for our loved boy Archer
Archer will come with his large wire crate, his bed and large blanket, any of his toys, some food and goodies
a 6 month supply of HW prevention, our lifelong help with our 18 years of rescue knowledge

la koda
scooby post noc
Big boy loves to wrestle huge boxes
Archer playing with a 80 pound male Staffie/Heeler mix at his foster still on leash as he still learning how to play without being too wild this was months of preparation taking baby steps along with many other things he learned and is learning​
check back for a video of him playing with a 3 legged 80 pound dog​
this is to show you that he is not dog aggressive
but insecure and does not know how to properly meet and greet strange dogs
so only dog at home as bio states​​​ unless you have raised and trained at least 10 dogs and have the right matching dog with separate fenced yards until they can be together just the way we have done it so far