Save A Dog Today
Archer the happy go Lucky mountain dog
if serious apply at
he's located in Redding CA
you must be willing and able to come here for at least one meet and greet
looking for the right home about 3 hours circumference from Redding
or if there's a real match here in Redding of course

Archer the huge tall blond boy
16 months old, 120 pounds, about 26 inches tall
Archer lives with 3 adults middle aged, 2 women and one man, the woman care and train him plus there are 6 other dogs in the home seniors mainly
so not a good match for Archer who wants to play a lot with the dogs
instead the fosters play ball etc with him
he has only played with 2 other dogs before he went to his current foster
(we will share all info with the matching approved adopter)
Archer had become a wonderful young adult after 6 months of training he's no longer the spoiled teenager but is and has blossomed into a great companion dog
with some brattiness but that is controllable and he will outgrow as long as you keep up the training etc that we will share in detail with you
What we are looking for for him
A dedicated person not the average but a committed for life the way it should be
A min of one fenced acre with secure fencing over 4 feet
He's not a escaper but can easily jump a 4 foot fence
He's super one on one specially after bonding with you and does not run off when off leash on your large property
He loves the many acres at his foster to explore but stays close by and entertains himself
If you don't have a pond or Creek baby pools are a must and more then one
He has 4 in the summer and 2 all year and will use them all year
He has a heavy coat so easily hot
He runs like the wind or like a bullet very fast for such a large dog
He does run very close by his person so do not move when you hear him coming
He wears a small Bell on his collar that's one of the reasons besides other reasons
Archer was born to enjoy life that's all he wants with someone that loves him and is his natural leader that will enforce rules and boundaries each and every time as he is a smart cookie so you better be as smart so you can outsmart him and stay the pack leader he will test you
If you are not looking for a whimpy dog but a large fearless companion to share your life with apply today and expect a lot of screening we want the right match
We stuck tons of time and money into him so he can be happy in his next and last home
Besides a large property we want him as
Only pet in the home
No close neighbors with dogs like immetiatly next door
A true down to earth person mentally and physically strong
This is a large strong dog for a large and athletic type person that has raised large to x large active dogs before and it's ready to start a new chapter in life just like Archer is
Foster mom loves him but his energy does not fit her old senior pack of dogs
She wants much more for him then she can offer him
His very own person that loves to be outdoors doing stuff like he does
He does like the comfort inside but also loves the outdoors to run play swim and enjoy the more active lifestyle
He does love his naps too and will hang out once done exploring etc
If you have birds he loves to chase them off working on that
You must like a vocal talking dog that's Archer always was you cannot train that out of him
We have a few
tricks to ease that
It's mainly when excited and when playing or when he was something that he can't have
Archer is a young dog and full of life
With him you will always feel secure in your home
You must be a stable home owner meaning you do not rent and we will need some proof
You must be adult and have raised a few dogs since on your own your own dogs not friends or parents
Archer is not for a beginner
Prefer a very experienced
Person that truly understands dogs​
all your questions will be answered if you are THE one​
we are here for the rest of his life to help with anything that may come up
so we like to like you and vise versa
like an extended family member
with updates now and then etc
Archer will come with all his stuff
from crate to toys​​​​​​
We have tons of videos on utube as well
like Archer running with a huge branch etc​​

Big boy loves to wrestle huge boxes
Archer playing with a 80 pound male Staffie/Heeler mix at his foster still on leash as he still learning how to play without being too wild this was months of preparation taking baby steps along with many other things he learned and is learning​
check back for a video of him playing with a 3 legged 80 pound dog​
this is to show you that he is not dog aggressive
but insecure and does not know how to properly meet and greet strange dogs
so only dog at home as bio states​​​ unless you have raised and trained at least 10 dogs and have the right matching dog with separate fenced yards until they can be together just the way we have done it so far
Here he is in action running in the mountains enjoying life
Archer Tracking for his yummy treats a daily exercise he loves
Here are some fun U tube links for videos copy paste into your browser​

Archer playing with foster dogs he has known for some time, they don'y play with him much as they are much lower energy and not as fast or big