Northern California/Shasta County Wall Art Decor
Only $4.99 for any digital prints you see here
​ emailed to you
each print is 8.5 by 11 "
print as many as you like for personal use
no resale all art belongs to the artist with copy right​​
All the pictures are real Photo art
Photos taken and made into art digitally
You pay via paypal once the funds clear we will email you the print of your choice​


50% of each sale goes directly to Save A Dog Today
to help their dogs and keep the rescue going​​​
Digital watercolor painting of a great sunset
Shasta County Sun Rise in digital water color
Digital watercolor painting of a great sunset in Shasta County
Nightfall in the Shasta National Forest
Mount Shasta in Poster Form
Taken from Hirz mnt Look out turned into art digitally
The Tunnel of light
Burney Water Falls made into art for your wall, pillows, blankets print anywhere