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Handsome Sky looking for super family

pick up in Redding/Yreka area
by approved matching adopter
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I met this soft fluffy boy myself took the pics and videos​​​
He is such a happy and outgoing boy
and very food motivated​​ so can easily be trained if you need further training
he does know commands
he jumped into my truck very easily and was ready to go
loved loved the attention
of course is super smart
he's tallish and the perfect weight
and he has a tattoo inside his ear looks like it says W.S.​​​​​
This sweet boy came to his caretaker after living in a 5 by 5 kennel close to 24/7
he was so huge at almost 100 pounds from no exercise and too much food​​
but you would never know as he has a happy outlook on life
he wants to make up for those lost years of seeing nothing
he's ready to go on long hikes, run secure acerage with you being there
not booted out all alone
his energy level is about a 6 or 7 and once he has ran off some of his prev. confinement steam maybe a 5 so average​​​​​
at least an hour a day walk and some ball play
and a lot of love, pets and belonging time​​

Skye adores people and attention hes very happy and outgoing
​ He is good with dogs, however better with female dogs of a similar age. He's about 4- 5 years old. He weighs 69 pounds, but thinks he is a lap dog! He enjoys being outdoors for walks, balls, and loves nylabones. He likes to collect all his toys, bones, Kongs together in “his spot”. He loves to snuggle! Skye is neutered, microchipped, and his Rabies, vaccines and Bordatella are current.

He has been living with several rescue dogs in the current home, but prefers to be the center of attention, wishing to have all the love to himself. The rescue group who had him initially reported that he was often the “Ambassador”, helping to calm and settle in new rescue dogs. Now he wants to be with his people all the time, not having to share the time, love and affection. He has more familiarity with women, but likely will bond with a man as well as long as the guy is not the matcho loud harsh type but would prefer a woman or couple
as only dog ideal but a matching female dog that loves to play would be fine​

A home with cats will not be an option as he had a reported incident with a bad outcome with a cat. In his current home, he initially was a bit too interested, but the cats are separate from the main home living area, and neighbor cats do not come into the fenced yard.

The ideal home will have someone who works from home or is semi-retired and able to give Skye the love and attention he so deserves. He will reward you many times over with love, affection, comfort and loyalty. A female dog - somewhat docile - who will accept his personality will be great. He will thrive also as a single dog, as he is very people-focused, not dog focused. He does play with one of the 4 year old females in his home now. He sleeps on the couch now looking for similar unless you want him in your bed

Potential adopters with dog/breed experience, who are very well versed in introducing a new dog (leash in the yard, dragging the leash, rewarding with small treat when back into the house), considering the dog’s safety, and are open to following instruction and suggestions from us done this thousands of times 

Fully approved applicant can chat with his current caretaker that knows him vert well so the right lifelong match can be crated

adoption fee, references, homecheck and/or pics, fenced yard with 6 food secure fencing, someone home during the day