Save A Dog Today
Our Sponsor Program


one time

To help with the initial cost of taking a new dog into the program. A one time donation to cover the cost spaying or neutering, HW test, microchip, vaccinations, etc.


a month

To cover the monthly care of a rescue dog. Food, toys, parasite management, etc. A monthly donation until your protégé is placed.


+ $45.00
a month

To sponsor the full care of a rescue dog in need. An initial donation for basic care and a monthly donation for maintenance.

The "Sponsor A Dog" programs have made a world of difference for our rescue dogs. Even if you cant adopt, you can still save a life....

Our sponsor programs allow us to buy good quality food for the dogs in our care, to spare no expense for parasite management, to assure essential medical needs, to buy crates, extra toys, treats, supplies, etc. Without it, we would not be able to help as many dogs.

Brake down of costs for one dog from beginning to adoption

Getting the dog from a shelter/home gas costs from $20 and up drive to foster extra cost
Spay or neuter $90-$130
Rabies shot $18-$25
HW test $30-$45
Booster shot $1$-$25
Flea prevention​​​​​ $30 plus
HW prevention $20 plus
food for one month $30 and up
treats for one month $30 and up
Toys $30 and up
Give or take on any of the above
unless we have sponsors or donations we will not be able to take on dogs​​​​​​
If you cannot foster please donate
We are giving our time our life and our money to the dogs at all times​​
do something good small or large does not matter​ it all counts and helps