Save A Dog Today

Flannie relaxing in his new home
3 fenced acres, 2 Chihuahuas and critters a happy boy
Thank you to all that called on him


I went to the shelter for other dogs when I meet Flannie
Our rescue decided we would take him in as well, since he was so sweet
​​at the time of exam the Vet found a hug mass
on the side of his body
​  I ask the Vet to asperate to see what it is and if removable or not

I was gonna send it in to the lab but after taking xrays of it as well and of his heart and speaking to vet she said no need to send to lab as he most likely has cancer that has spread to his heart there is a small mass growing on the tip of his heart and nothing can be done but let him live out his life which can be still years she said

At that point he was in Urgent danger as they where going to put him down now no longer adoptable

We had to emergency pull him and save his life he went to a kennel temp place and NEEDS to have his own loving family to live out his life
​ he's lonely and cries at the kennel (the only place we had to put him to save his life) as he wants to be near his people and get lots of love

He had a shitty life and needs to live a few great years with someone that cares a lot someone as loving as he is with a huge pure heart and kind gentle spirit

He's fully vetted and even chipped and there is no adoption fee to a perfect matching, approved, super loving family

he had fleas so bad that they ended up shaving him before we took him in the fleas sucked the life right out of him he's really skinny and needs to gain about 15-20 so pounds as you can see on his picture

Please help him there's NO WAY he can stay where he is for long it's just a place that helped save his life not a long term solution

Here's a link to Flannie in the news​​
Once he has his home we like to look into a natural cancer treatment if we can get the donations together
see link below

For now Flannie needs a real indoor home with quiet loving people adult home or a calm child or two over 12 nothing hyper
It's cold living in a kennel, specially now since he's shaved​​​

Sunshine special needs dog mentally and physically abused after being a Give Away on Craigs List ending up in a very abusive home, her missing foot was in horrible shape she looked raggedy from living outdoors for years
Thank God we found her fixed her up now in a great loving home see pics