Save A Dog Today
Buttercup aka Butters was hit by a car 13 weeks ago

​ she now has her own doggie cart learning to get around
​she may or may not be able to walk again on her own but we woll treat it as permanent for now

​​she has improved a lot over those months
​ she has just stated to be able to pee on her own again
​ but will still need help (details on that to approved adopter) it's VERY easy to help her go pee every 3-4 hours
​ Butters is 9 years old weighs 6.6 pound
​s spayed and UTD on shots
​ she's mellow and swee​t
​ Butters is looking for a awesome dedicated family that will be there for her for the rest of her life
we have the xrays etc that where taken right after she was run over by a car
​no broken bones and she seems to feel her legs so possibility she could walk again
​ she can stand for a second with help
all vet records and her cart come with the adoption below is what Butter says

​​ Hi my name is Buttercup but my family called me Butters. I’m a very adorable Applehead Chihuahua and I weigh about 6.6 lbs. I have a very little voice but I guess that’s because I’m a very little girl.
​ For the past 9 years my life has been full of love and family. Recently we moved to a new place and my life changed in a split second. I was out exploring the country roads when something really big hit me. and then took off leaving me behind, I had to drag myself to my home, but thankfully my dad came running to get me
ohh what a nightmare I was really shaken up and scared and hurting.
my dad didn't put me down at the vets even though he didnt have all the money to save my life he's still making payments
Here I am with a wonderful Angel of a caretaker who went and is going out of her way for me to help me got potty and get used to a life as a special needs little girl
I wasn’t sure what happened; suddenly my back legs didn’t work anymore.
​ I was pulling myself off the road when my owner came out to help me.
​ A day later I was placed with my foster mom. She gave me my medicine and helped me to potty.
​ Today, I can do big potty on my own.
​ My foster mom picks me up and squeezes just above my legs so I don’t get a bladder infection
​ When my bladder is full I tend to overflow and this could cause an infection.
​ I help her by straightening my legs and then sometimes I bend my knees and pull them back.. She always pats my tummy after this.
​We don’t do it often. The amount of times vary with how much water and wet food I take in.
​ She usually squeezes me about 3 to 4 times a day. I’m usually very quite; but, sometimes I try to tell her it’s time for me to be squeezed. I like to be held and have my tummy rubbed.
​ I also like to lay next to my foster mom while she watches tv. Sometimes she takes me for a stroll; or, she stands me up and tells me I will walk again
​She can see a big improvement; but, it’s only been about 12 weeks since the accident. I’m still in the healing process. While I like my foster home; I’m looking for a special forever home. My legs have gotten a little stronger; and, Save a Dog Today Rehoming Services gave me my own cart so I can practice walking. I’m in it only for about 15 minutes a few times a day. and get around without the chair by dragging my legs and am learning to stay in my cart and walk
I even can stand some with help now

Sweet tiny Buttercup