Kopper Kreations Plus

Jewelry you won't find anywhere else

The cost of each item reflects the work and material that goes into each piece as well as the 15% donation
that goes to Save A Dog Today​​ from each sale
you will receive real local handcrafted jewelry and by buying help a local dog rescu

Our Jewelry is not mass produced
we want happy customers​​
quality over quantity
and Unique​​
Kopper Kreations Plus is a local small business here in Shasta County
with a few caring artists that are helping SADT rescue cause
​ by donating part of each Jewelry sale​​ to the rescue 

We choose to help SADT because they have worked so hard for 16 years
without much help from anyone but they kept the rescue going

We truly hope you enjoy the items we made and by buying them you are also helping a good cause

Patina copper choker
add or take links out to fit
almost 19 inches long
one of a kind​​​​

Copper Patina ring
​ size 11​
handforged, hand sanded​
gloss sealed​
Double Patina copper ring size11
handforged, hand sanded​​
gloss sealed​

Textured PatinaCopper ring
size 11​​​
sealed in gloss
hand forged, hand sanded​​


Copper Patina, sealed in gloss
Adjustable staring size
hand forged, hand sanded, hand glossed​​
Yellow vintage marble necklace​
the marble is over 20 years old​
made into a charm
wear it for looks or a good luck charm
comes with chain​​​
Orange Vintage marble necklace
marble is over 20 years old​​
Black marble necklace
with black chain​​
Size 7 nail ring
candy apple red
hand forged out of a real nail
hand painted
feels comfy to wear​​​​​
Your choice of Yellow /green or white Jade as well as purple Amethyst
each charm comes with a gift box
the charms are protected with gloss the wire is either stainless steel or copper each charm comes with a 20 inch leather strap ready to go
please contact us paypal button will be up within a day
19.95 for each​​​​