Save A Dog Today

Update Jan 28th

Mickey loves the fosters dogs so if you have a fun similar size dog that is super friendly this may be a go
we can also see Mickey with a nice fun not tough housing older boy that loves a fun playmate and best buddy to grow up with creating forever memories

Mickey is in his foster home now has a fenced yard to enjoy he loves to be out and enjoy the nice weather along side his people he's a loving boy that likes to kiss but not a slobberer
I took him to the pet store even though he was already over excited from his big day off leaving the only home he has known for years and starting on his new adventure in life
He loved the pet store and wanted to meet all the dogs there
We did not do that step way too much on the first day
Mickey had the out going boxer personality and will always be young if you owned a boxer you know what I mean
He knows sit and will listen but needs leash training with a gentle leader no pull harness here is fine
That's what we use in any of our dogs anyhow as it works without pulling on a dogs neck
Mickey loads right up he jumped into my truck that's sort of high up compared to a car he traveled very well, wanted to help drive the first minute but then told to stay in back seat he did.
Mickey had a vet exam who have him a clear health
He had all his shots done
Hw test is neg
Got flea and hw prevention
on a good diet
Everything looks good for this little man that had to hospice his very sick owner for at least the past year

Now it's Mickey's time for his super duper awesome stable family
Though he did not grow up with kids that we know off he seems to be the type that would enjoy a older nice child maybe a boys best friend not one that likes to rough house but running around the yard and teaching him to play ball possibly
Or your best side kick while you do your chores inside and out
A great walking buddy as he loves his walks but does not need more then an hour a day exercise
so an easy dog
he would love to go for longer walks on weekends
since he has not been walked much at least the past year starting with shorter walks is ideal
a few short walks a day is fine too
he doesn't ask for much but your love and companionship
and we want a big fenced yard he can run in, play in and explore
he has a big yard now at his foster home and a dog door
if you have a smaller yard that's fine as long as you are active enough to got for a daily walk
lots of cuddling after exercise and hanging out is just fine for Mickey
Dogs like Mickey don't come around that often
He surely is a diamond in the rough this diamond worth much more then material item
Apply today if you feel you could give Mickey a great life of fun, love and stability
Mickey does not just look unique he is
his personality is that of a Boxer so we think that's what he's mixed with
looking at the black color of his head
that looks a lot like the color of a Pug
sure;y there maybe something else in him but we don't know
maybe some Heeler
either way he's a cute fun and outgoing dog
with a big personality and lots of love to give

Mickeys dad went into hospice with cancer he won't return home
since his dad left and he was alone for a week in the home
with nice neighbors walking and caring for him daily until our rescue found out and got him into foster

This cutest and friendliest little guy was with this same owner most of his life
he loved in a small RV and was always by his owners side 24/7
we are looking for healthy folks that are ready to be Mickeys stable companions
someone that knows the Boxer breed as Boxers never get old and always young at heart
Mickey weighs around 35-40 pounds and so unique looking he's around 5 years old give or take a bit
he knows how to sit and come
on a no pull harness he walks well
Mr. 2 tone, his head is almost all black while his body is mainly brownish with black tips
and a small white patch
and his personality shines he loves people and seems to love dogs too

he's a huge love bug with a huge personality ready for a second chance in life

he loves food and will sit for his cookies
when you meet him you will fall in love with this cute unique looking goof ball
with his happy big smile and soulful eyes
In 17 years of rescue I have done
this is by far one of the best dogs I have met
he also appreciates the extras and the love and attention
We are looking for the best of best homes for Mickey
he deserves it all

adoption fee references, fenced yard someone home, pics of home
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Am I cute or what