Save A Dog Today
These are just a few of millions in the US that are murdered in our pounds because we humans just don't care enough to stop it
If everyone would give just 1% of their time and money this would not happen
SPAY AND NEUTER law is the only thing that can help our dogs from being murdered, you can call it what you want putting a needed in them or gassing them the end result is death
death because someone let their dog get pregnant, the excuse I don't have the $ to spay her, but enough $ to smoke daily and drink beer​​​.
Though I agree that the cost of a spay is outragous charging anywhere from $100 to $400 and up​ so yes all the Vets that already make tons of $ should give back to the public just as we rescuers do.
We work for free and spend all our money on other peoples dogs besides we gave up our life, family to work for free
for the love of dogs​

What have you done to help?​

It is time to wake up and start giving so the killing will stop

Do a fundraise if you do not have $ to help a neighbors dog getting spayed, that one spay will help save hundreds of lives as that dog and her off spring won't have any more unwanted puppies

We won't get into the back yard breeding issue​​​​​​ we all know it's morally totally wrong

it's sad very sad I cry for each one but the public needs to open their eyes​​​ and see what's going on
some of the dogs are killed just because the staff likes killing even if there's room to keep them
we have first hand experience with that, you will see the boys soon on this site.
Others kill because in their own opinion they feel it's better for the dog or they are not educated enough so if a dog makes a mistake dead he/she is
taking a life away just like that
it's time to speak up, I will be the voice for the animals it does not matter to me who gets mad I'm here for the animals and being for real​​​​​
Sweet Momma dog,
​ came too late to save you, your death saved Zoey 
​or she would had died instead of you
Your idiot owners used you as a money making breeding machine and dumped you when they where done
So many like you must endure pain and suffering because of humans that are born without a brain or just plain selfish without compassion
it's all about them​​​
They just don't care​, will never understand them
Know that you will always be loved though we never met
​I cried for you, wished I could had saved you too
Hope it's much better where you are, it could not be worse than this world specially being born a Pit Bull
I will always love you sweet Momma​​​