Save a Dog TodayHappy Hunde Berg Sanctuary 

Save a Dog TodayHappy Hunde Berg Sanctuary 


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Fun adventures short novel children book available in many stores now
Fun adventures short novel children book available in many stores now

Buy here help our dogs and the programs we offer

"The Elixir Blossom Chronicles: A Hero's Journey to Restore Balance and Revive a World on the Brink of Ruin"

About the author

Nik Rich, a compassionate naturalist with a heart deeply connected to the natural world, was inspired to write "The Elixir Blossom Chronicles" by a profound desire to raise awareness about the delicate balance of nature and the significance of plant-based magic in our lives. With a lifelong passion for sustainability and a strong belief in the power of plant-based healing, Nik embarked on this literary journey to share the wisdom and lessons gained from her own experiences. The book reflects Nik's unwavering commitment to a harmonious coexistence with nature and her dedication to inspiring others tor Recognize the interdependence of all living things. Through this captivating tale, Nik Rich aims to instill as Sense of responsibility and hope in readers, reminding us that even in challenging times, our connection to the Earth can guide us toward renewal and healing.


In the chapters that follow, we continue the epic journey of Lyra, a young healer chosen to restore the balance of nature in a world teetering on the edge of ruin. Lyra's quest to collect the Five Sacred Elements and reawaken the dormant magic of the Elixir Blossom has been one of unwavering determination and self-discovery. Throughout the chapters, we have witnessed Lyra's encounters with elemental guardians, each of whom tested her strength, wisdom, and connection to the natural world. From the fiery trials of the Fire Djinn to the serene wisdom of the Green Guardian, her journey has been a test of her character and the resilience of the human spirit. As Lyra's quest nears its culmination, we find ourselves at the threshold of an extraordinary moment—the Elemental Convergence. The Tree of Convergence symbolizes the unity of the Elements and the heart of the world's balance. It is here that Lyra must merge the Elements of Fire, Water, Earth, Air, and Spirit into one, granting life to the Elixir Blossom.

The power and responsibility that now rest in Lyra's hands are of immense significance. Her journey hasb een a testament to the interconnectedness of all life, and her actions will determine the fate of hera iling world. The healing magic of the Elixir Blossom, combined with the united Elements, holds the key to restoring the land's vitality and reclaiming the lost balance of nature. In the chapters that follow, we will bear witness to the culmination of Lyra's quest, her triumphant return to her homeland, and the reawakening of the Elixir Blossom's magic. As the world stands on the precipice of transformation, Lyra's spirit and wisdom shine brightly, and her journey serves as a reminder that, in the face of adversity, hope and resilience can lead to a brighter and harmonious future. Join us as we embark on the final steps of this enchanting journey and witness the restoration of the world's balance through the power of the Five Sacred Elements and the legacy of the Elixir Blossom

Donate to one of our programs
Donate to one of our programs

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Our Lyricism shop
Our Lyricism shop

Your purchase of our ebooks and visual poetry, crafted by Nik Rich, the founder of Save a Dog Today Rescue, directly contributes to supporting aging dogs in need. With each acquisition, you're not just obtaining beautiful and meaningful content, but also extending a helping hand to our furry friends. The proceeds from these creations go towards providing essential care, medical assistance, and a comfortable environment for aging dogs under our rescue's wing. Your support ensures that these loyal companions receive the love and attention they deserve in their golden years. Join us in making a positive impact on their lives through the power of art and literature. Thank you for being a part of our mission to save and improve the lives of aging dogs.

New version available now in major stores
New version available now in major stores

E books in our Lyricism shop paperback books by January 2024

Visit our Lyricism shop 

Paperback books available
Paperback books available
Real life poetry book over 200 pages
Real life poetry book over 200 pages

Poems capturing the essence of reality 

Find the paperback book in any larger book store

We will carry the book by January in our Lyricism shop

Ebook version available now 

Nik Rich author

In the realm of words, where verses gleam,

There's an author named Nik Rich, a poet's dream.

With a heart that dances in the ink's embrace,

She weaves tales of beauty and poetic grace.

In this beautiful book, her words find a home,

A sanctuary where emotions freely roam.

Nik Rich, the conjurer of dreams on each page,

Invites readers on a poetic pilgrimage.

Her pen, a wand, strokes tales into life,

Crafting verses that cut through like a knife.

With passion ablaze, she shares her soul,

In the tapestry of poems, a story unfolds.

Through metaphors and stanzas, a journey unfolds,

Nik Rich's love for sharing, a tale retold.

In the quiet corners where lines softly speak,

Her poetic expressions find those who seek.

So open this book, let Nik's verses enthrall,

A lyrical symphony that echoes through all.

In the beauty of language, let her words play,

For in this poetic haven, dreams find their way.

About the Author 

Nik Rich, the author of this comprehensive guide, offers a wealth of insights on how to maintain robust health through the trifecta of diet, exercise, and lifestyle choices. With years of experience and expertise in the field of holistic well-being, Nik Rich distills practical advice for readers looking to achieve and sustain their health goals. Whether it's making nutritious food choices, crafting an effective exercise regimen, or adopting a balanced and mindful lifestyle, this guide is a treasure trove of valuable tips. Nik Rich's wisdom empowers readers to embrace these practices and take proactive steps towards a healthier and happier life."

Nikky is donating 90% of each book sale 

Nikky is donating 90% of each sale of her books go directly to Save a Dog Today 

Below you see our remaining aging dogs here at the Sanctuary 

Mahigan Heegyman going on 9 years young this October
Mahigan Heegyman going on 9 years young this October
Ruby Rubenstein Rubina, 5 years young
Ruby Rubenstein Rubina, 5 years young
Charles almost 10 years young
Charles almost 10 years young
Archer enjoying nature, going on 7 years in November
Archer enjoying nature, going on 7 years in November

Archer is finally walking with bilateral ACL Poshbraces and he loves it

Some of our sweet girls that once enjoyed this forrest mountain sanctuary now at the rainbow dimension 

Lexie, Momma Mia,Harmony, Hunny

Thank you for being in our lives
Thank you for being in our lives
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