Save a Dog TodayHappy Hunde Berg Sanctuary 

Save a Dog TodayHappy Hunde Berg Sanctuary 


A must read book for all pet owners, be prepared for the future and learn now

PDF Format instant download
PDF Format instant download

Taking care of your terminally ill pet from palliative to hospice care Available in English and German languages, possibly other languages to comeAsk for your language and we will see what we can do

About the author of this book 

Mikey's Journey pallative to hospice care 

Nik Rich aka Nikky Richardson. This is Nikkys first book, hopefully other future books to follow. Whatever inspires the author is what she will write about, as her soul knows best what's needed, how to help others with her knowledge.

Nikky Richardson is the founder of the dog rescue Save a Dog Today which is in existence for 23 years, and rescuing for 20 active years.

Nikky now takes care of the remaining aging dogs at her home Sanctuary, making sure everyone is able to enjoy their life, staying as healthy as possible.

Nikky along with many other dedicated volunteers saved hundreds of urgent shelter dogs in the past 20 active rescue years.

Everyone of the dogs that she rehomed found the best home possible, by ensuring a great match.

Nikky took care of 14 dogs in her home Sanctuary Happy Hunde Berg which means Happy dog mountain.

The 14 dogs that stayed there were dogs that did not find their new homes or other wise where not adoptable in the publics eye.

Each of those 14 dogs stayed at the sanctuary enjoying their lives until

they became ill or old and needed hospice care.

Nikky did exactly that, ensuring her furry family was always in comfort and absolutely nothing was missing.

She made sure they were pain free and living a quality life. Using mainly nutrition, supplements and herbs along with lots of love, care.

Every pet in hospice lived much longer then expected.

Nikky has a natural nack for connecting with her furry kids and feel what they need at every moment.

Nikky stated that when we do hospice care we connect on a spiritual note, to be able to give out pet what's needed in every moment.

Nikky is inclined to do whatever needs to be done plus extra, so every one of her hospice pets never lacks anything.

Nikky would do hours of research on whatever illness the pet has, to get one step ahead of things and ensure comfort and a longer better life for the pet.

In this book you will find one of her 14 hospice care stories. Mikey's journey going through skull bone cancer.

His daily life, medication, supplements,herbs and nutrition.

How do care for ourselves under extreme stress.

Listed supplements that Mikey took on a daily basis and much more.

Everything someone needs to know to ensure a quality pain free life für their terminally ill pet.

Below are several reviews of people that read the book.

You will feel the love shining through each chapter. The love for animals and the love of giving, to help others that are in that same situation but don't know what to do, don't know where to get useful info and get that info quickly.

Besides the nutrition and supplements, hands on and spiritual healing through either energy massage or spiritual energy healing.

Nikky explains how to take stress out of our life situation when doing hospice care. Depending on our own attitude, we can ease the whole situation, not just for ourselves but our ill pet. Learning to control our own emotions and give smiles, fun and happiness to our loved ones around us.

We must make those last moments with our terminally ill pet as good and positive as we can.

Nikky has first hand experience, learning a lot through each passing dog, sharing that information in this book.

Nikky Richardson was born in Germany and located to the USA in the early 80th but it wasn't until she founded the rescue that her natural understanding of hospice care was needed.

However Nikky was always a care giver who has not just cared for animals but also special needs people.

Most of the hospice care comes naturally to Nikky because of the spiritual connection with the pet.

The communication with the pet, soul to soul.

Though Nikky believes in veterinary care, this book mainly mentions a natural more holistic approach to keeping our furry family in the best shape as possible, with minimal medicine.

Nikky never thought out being in the spotlight, anyways staying in the background. Just living her life in peace with the many pets at the sanctuary, enjoying nature, playing and waking with the dogs in beautiful Shasta national Forest as the back yard.

In memory of her beloved rescue furry kids, Nikky and her family planted a tree for each dog that lived at the sanctuary and left this earth. Each of those trees has the pets name

Nikky has long been called an angel and certainly a dog angel.

While you read this book you will hear Nikky speaking through each chapter.

You will feel the love and care that's in between the lines.

This book was written to help you the caretaker of a terminally ill pet, doing all you can.

Nikky has a utube channel, she has not just put videos up of Mikey journey from diagnosis to the end, but many of the other dogs that lived there and the remaining dogs at the sanctuary.

Mikey's journey palliative to hospice care preview
Mikey's journey palliative to hospice care preview

Book preview 

Pet palliative care is a type of care that focuses on improving the quality of life for pets with serious illnesses or conditions. It is designed to provide comfort and relief from pain, rather than cure the underlying disease. Palliative care can include pain management, nutritional support, and other therapies to help pets feel more comfortable and improve their overall well-being.

Hospice care, on the other hand, is a type of end-of-life care that is provided when a pet's condition has progressed to the point where a cure is no longer possible. Hospice care focuses on providing comfort and support to pets and their families during the final stages of life. This can include pain management, emotional support, and assistance with daily activities.

Both pet palliative care and hospice care are designed to provide comfort and support to pets and their families during difficult times. They can help improve the quality of life for pets and provide peace of mind for their owners.

We as pet owners must prepare ourselves early on so we know what must be done who will do it and are the finances available.

Which route do we wanna take the holistic approach or the western approach or a combo of both.

In this book you will find many answers and information about the care it requires until the end of life.

When we are prepared it will take some of the stress off us in such a hard time.

We often don't want to even think about it, however it will be of help to the pet and the pet owner.
This book is a must have for any pet owner.
Inside this book is all the info of what one has to do to properly care for their pet if the pet has terminal cancer or any other terminal illness.
Inside this book are tons of the supplements and herbs listed that I used with Mikey to fight cancer, and support his body and brain health. With that info the reader can do further research and choose which supplements will suit their pet the best.

Nutrition is needed for the terminal ill pet,to be able to live as good as possible. If the pet has cancer or another illness,
I have had 14 dogs in my hospice care over 22 years. I learned a lot, I'm sharing this info with you the reader, so you don't have to go though dog after dog to learn all those things, instead you just read this book and will have lots of info at your finger tips.
Being a caretaker to your best furry family member is never easy, but with this information in the book, I'm hoping to help many people and their pets. From choosing better nutrition, to keeping our pets comfy and safe and most of all pain free and still able to live a quality life.
This book also talks about how to reconnect with our loved ones after they leave this earth. The signs to look for.
There's info on how to help ourselves combating the daily stress when we do hospice care, natural remedies for better sleep.
Mikey wanted me to write this book as he himself was a hospice care taker of his previous owner, his Dad who died of colon cancer just one week after we took Mikey into our rescue.
Sending our healing vibes to everyone that's going through a similar situation with their beloved pet.

Mikey's Journey pet hospice care book now available
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