Save a Dog TodayHappy Hunde Berg Sanctuary 

Save a Dog TodayHappy Hunde Berg Sanctuary 


Essential reading for pet owners – be prepared for the future and learn now.

Find the digital version in our Lyricism shop

Find the digital version in our Lyricism shop

This bookwas written to assist caretakers of terminally ill pets

Nik Rich, also known as Nikky Richardson, debuts with "Caring for your senior or terminally ill pet Mikey's Journey beyond Skull Bone Cancer" As the founder of Save a Dog Today, a rescue in existence for 23 years, Nikky's book shares her experiences caring for aging dogs in her sanctuary, emphasizing a holistic approach to ensure a quality life.

Nikky's deep connection with her furry family, coupled with her natural inclination for hospice care, shines through as she details 14 touching stories, including Mikey's battle with skull bone cancer. The book covers daily life, medication, supplements, herbs, and nutrition, offering valuable insights for caretakers of terminally ill pets.

Nikky's holistic philosophy, rooted in spiritual connection with pets, guides readers through stress reduction, emotional control, and fostering positive moments during hospice care. Despite her preference for staying in the background, Nikky's impactful work and compassionate nature have earned her the title of a "dog angel."

The book not only shares practical knowledge but also exudes love for animals and the desire to assist others facing similar situations. Nikky's YouTube channel further complements the book, featuring videos of Mikey's journey and other sanctuary dogs.

Born in Germany, Nikky's journey to the USA in the early '80s eventually led her to the path of rescue and hospice care. While she believes in veterinary care, the book predominantly advocates for a natural, holistic approach to keeping furry family members healthy.

In memory of her rescue furry kids, Nikky and her family plant a tree for each departed dog. As you read, Nikky's voice echoes through each chapter, delivering a heartfelt message of love and care. This book serves as a guide for caretakers of terminally ill pets, inspired by Nikky's firsthand experiences and deep connection with her furry companions.

Book preview 

"Pet Palliative Care and Hospice Care: A Guide for Pet Owners" delves into the crucial aspects of providing comfort and support for pets with serious illnesses. The book emphasizes the distinction between palliative care, focusing on improving a pet's quality of life, and hospice care, which addresses end-of-life stages.

Addressing the importance of early preparation for pet owners, the book explores choices between holistic, western, or a combination of both approaches. It provides insights into the holistic and western methods, offering a comprehensive resource for those navigating the challenges of terminal illnesses in pets.

The book stresses the need for financial and emotional readiness, acknowledging the difficulty in contemplating these matters. With practical advice, it guides pet owners on proper care until the end of life, alleviating stress during these challenging times.

A highlight of the book is the wealth of information gathered over 22 years of caring for 14 hospice dogs, particularly Mikey's battle with cancer. It includes detailed supplements and herbs used, encouraging readers to conduct further research for their pet's well-being.

Nutrition takes center stage in the book, highlighting its importance for pets with terminal illnesses. Drawing from the author's extensive experience, the book aims to condense valuable knowledge, sparing readers from learning through trial and error.

Caretaking is illuminated with practical tips, from choosing better nutrition to ensuring pets remain comfortable and pain-free. The book extends its guidance beyond physical care, addressing the emotional aftermath of a pet's departure and offering insights into recognizing signs from the departed.

Mikey's story adds a poignant touch, emphasizing the inspiration behind the book as Mikey himself served as a hospice caregiver to his previous owner. The book concludes with healing vibes for those navigating similar situations with their beloved pets.

For those seeking a comprehensive guide to navigate the complexities of pet palliative and hospice care, "Pet Palliative Care and Hospice Care: A Guide for Pet Owners" stands as an invaluable resource, now available for a tax-deductible donation at

Happy Mikey

Happy Mikey

A book for every pet owners 

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