Save a Dog TodayHappy Hunde Berg Sanctuary 

Save a Dog TodayHappy Hunde Berg Sanctuary 


Our Current Sanctuary dogs and their stories

Mikey Boy left this earth playing at the rainbow bridge

Mikey before he got sick
Mikey before he got sick

Mikey has been with us for 5 years he was 12 years old and had skull bone cancer he was happy and survived 5 months after diagnosis.

we will always miss this awesome funny boy.

below is his mini story

His owner died of colon cancer his family was looking for a place for Mikey, we were full and had no room after meeting him and knowing how he lived we found a way to take him in.

He was up for adoption for 2 years but everyone seemed to either be looking for a pup or something younger so here he is very loved and cared for,

He was diagnosed with skull bone cancer 3 months ago and survived the 3 months per Vet that dogs live and still doing good

As long as he still loves the ball game he will be ok.

He gets holistic cancer care

details and updates will follow soon.

Archer big boy

Archer 6 years old 125 pounds
Archer 6 years old 125 pounds

Archer came to us at 9 months old without any training and wild and loud as one can be.

we didn't find a suitable home for him so he stayed here.

He just got a new posh brace for his ACL injury which happens to many active dogs over the age of 4

the customized brace should heal him enough without surgery he can finally go for walks again with his brace on now he's happy again video link will be up soon if Archer walking in his brace

Charles cutest dog

Charles Brown Man
Charles Brown Man

Charley came to us 3 years ago he was adopted from us at age 2 months and stayed with the adoptive family until he was surrendered back to us.

His family failed him big time so we had to rescue him twice. We were always very picky to where our rescue dogs would go as were looking for forever families.

this one was a decent home but in the end we seen how many things they didn't do and they were going to put him down for something they did wrong the dog never does anything wrong we the humans supposed to have the brain and keep our dogs safe, so he's staying here that way someone else won't fail him and put him in danger he's a happy boy and him and the rest get real food grass fed fresh beef and organic veggies etc never starving with a cup of dry kibble a day 

Ruby Rubenstein 

Ruby the Queen
Ruby the Queen

Ruby is the mellowest dog we ever had here

shes 4 years old and with us for 3 years, she is so happy here she did not want to go anywhere else to get adopted so we kept her so she wouldn't think we dumped her like her previous owners

she was dropped off in the forest that's were we found her.

though we tried to find her owner in many ways thankfully that did not happen as over the months we found out she never had a dog  bed didn't know what a bone was and don't know how to run or play she knows all that and more now and is very loved

Momma s boy Mahigan 

Mommas best little buddy
Mommas best little buddy

Mahigan is 7 years old he was one of momma Mia s pups see momma Mia on our previous dogs she left this earth suddenly of the silent killer spleen cancer less then 6 months ago at only 8 years old

Mahigan was one of 8 pups all found super homes but Mahigan needed to stay here that's why we didn't find him the right family.

He's my side kick and momma's little man

He's part Healer and part American Staffordshire and weights 95 pounds 

Nik Rich