Save a Dog TodayHappy Hunde Berg Sanctuary 

Save a Dog TodayHappy Hunde Berg Sanctuary 


Our Current Sanctuary dogs and their stories

Archer big boy

Archer 7 years old 125 pounds
Archer 7 years old 125 pounds

At 9 months old, Archer joined us untrained and exuberantly wild. Unable to find a suitable home, he became a permanent resident. Recently, he acquired a luxurious brace for his ACL injury, a common occurrence in active dogs over 4. Archer now gracefully walks with braces on both rear legs.A rcher now 7 is a loved family member

Charles our little brown man

Charles Brown Man
Charles Brown Man

Charley came to us at 6 years old and is now approaching 12, though you wouldn't guess it. Adopted at 2 months, he returned to us due to his family's shortcomings. Despite a seemingly decent home, we rescued him twice to ensure he wasn't unfairly treated. Recognizing the importance of his well-being, Charley now calls our sanctuary home, where he and his companions enjoy a nourishing diet and care to thrive.

Ruby Rubenstein our queen 

Ruby the Queen
Ruby the Queen

Ruby, the epitome of tranquility, became a part of our sanctuary around the age of 1 and is now nearing 6. Despite attempts to find her another home, it became evident that she found solace and happiness here, leading us to make the decision to keep her. We wanted to ensure she wouldn't endure the sense of abandonment she faced from her previous owners. Discovered in the forest, Ruby's journey with us unveiled a poignant past—deprived of a dog bed, unfamiliar with the joy of a bone, and devoid of the knowledge of running and playing. Through months of dedicated care, she has blossomed into a canine companion who not only knows the comforts of a bed, the delight of a bone, and the joy of play but is also surrounded by love from the sanctuary community. Ruby, once lost in the woods, has found a forever home filled with warmth, care, and the companionship she deserves.

Momma s boy Mahigan 

Mommas best little buddy
Mommas best little buddy

Mahigan, aged 9, emerged as one of Momma Mia's pups. Tragically, Momma Mia succumbed to the silent menace of spleen cancer departing at a mere 8 years old. Despite finding ideal homes for the rest of the litter, Mahigan, my steadfast companion and Momma's little man, remained here. A blend of Healer and American Staffordshire, he weighs a sturdy 95 pounds. His presence, a poignant reminder of a cherished connection

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